What to do if trainings don't yield result

What to do if trainings don't yield result

What to do if healthy nutrition and trainings don't give the expected result, and weight moves too slowly or doesn't move in general? Usually features of metabolism and mistakes made in the course of food and trainings are the reason.

If regular trainings don't yield desirable result, it is worth thinking of possible mistakes which many make in the course of weight loss:

  • There is too much food, and trainings aren't enough. In this case diet caloric content simply exceeds daily energy consumption, the deficiency of calories doesn't arise, so, there is no combustion of fatty tissue.
  • Food isn't enough, and there is too much trainings. It also is the mistake - against the background of strong deficiency of calories the excess exercise stress leads to the stress therefore exchange processes slow down. Poor food - not the best satellite of healthy weight loss.
  • Lack of the mode of trainings. If you train irregularly, often skip classes, sometimes come to the training three times a week, and sometimes - only one, you shouldn't be surprised that weight stands still.
  • Lack of power loading at surplus kardio. The major factor for weight loss is existence of power trainings - exercises with burdenings promote strengthening and growth of muscle tissue. Muscles demand more energy, so, the power training is irreplaceable at weight loss. At the same time, the surplus kardio (run, jumps, the exercise bike, the jump rope, the ellipsoid) leads to the fact that the organism begins to get rid of reserves first of all at the expense of muscles, and only then - at the expense of fatty tissue. Cardioloadings have to follow power, and their surplus isn't too useful if you want effective and long-term weight loss.
  • The cyclic loads directed to various groups of muscles are useful. You not only grow thin, but also get the harmonious, tightened and harmoniously developed body.  
  • Be engaged according to the individual program made in advance. Three-four power trainings a week will be enough to get rid of excess weight and to keep shape
  • The organism adapts to loadings therefore each two-three months it is necessary to introduce amendments in the training program. At the same time general exercises for big groups of muscles as it strengthens exchange processes have to make the most part of the training.
  • Don't neglect rest between sets and approaches. Rest is necessary to prevent injuries and stretchings.
  • It isn't necessary to train on the hungry stomach - it leads to destruction of muscle fibers. On the full stomach the exercise stresses are also mean and inefficient. For the greatest effectiveness of occupations it is necessary to eat food for the hour prior to occupations. In the stomach there shouldn't be the heavy feeling, but you shouldn't feel hungry.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team