What types of the split happen

What types of the split happen

Allocate two main types of the split - longitudinal and cross. However the most trained athletes can show the royal split which demands not only flexibility, but also static force.

To stretch out – the dream of many teenagers and adults playing sports. Unfortunately, not all have enough diligence to realize the dream. Others lack flexibility. According to fitness and Pilates instructors, it is possible to stretch out at any age. The main thing to observe the mode of trainings and it is correct to perform exercises.

Forward split

The forward split is the simplest of all available. It means the pose on the floor when one leg extended forward, and another – back. At the same time the cross split can be on the right, and left leg. If to draw the imagined line from the heel of one leg to another, the straight line will turn out. At the similar split the gluteus, the back surface of the hip and the popliteal sinew have to be well stretched. Practically all who practice single combats can sit down on the forward split as striking blows assumes the raising of legs above the head.

Cross split

As practice shows if the person sits down on the cross split, then for it it is possible to stretch out longitudinal. The cross split is often shown in the movies by the famous Hollywood actor Jacques Claude Van Damme. Legs are placed in the parties, and the body can fall down or be in direct situation. For the cross split it is necessary to have elastic inguinal muscles, the back surface of the hip and buttock. Besides, flexible popliteal sinews unload inguinal muscles that is very important. At the cross split hip joints are studied. It is useful for people of all age.

Royal split

If to address besides to Van Damme who in the 52 years showed the fine extension during shooting of the commercial for Volvo concern then he made popular the royal split. This type of the split means itself the cross split, but executed on two support on which there are feet of legs. The rest of the body remains to the lobbing. To sit down on the royal split, not only elastic muscles and flexible sheaves are necessary. Also animal static force is necessary. It is already the aerobatics demanding from the athlete of ability to feel the body. The special diet and yogichesky breath when the breath and the exhalation are made through the throat helps to stretch out. Similar breath warms internals and muscles. People, aged from 20 up to 45 years can sit down on the forward split in two months, without injuring the muscle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team