What views of ski slopes exist

What views of ski slopes exist

Alpine skiing already for a long time stopped being especially sports discipline, having become very popular type of active holiday of millions of people around the world. From mountains on skis the Alps are considered as the homeland of descent, but now ski slopes are even in those countries where there is no snow at all. All of them allow to go skiing to anyone, irrespective of experience and sports qualification.

All ski slopes depending on indicators of complexity can be divided into the number of categories conditionally.

Tracks for beginners

Green tracks – concern the simplest. On them the beginning mountain skiers can move down "on the straight line", practically without speed. So, in the presence of a little bigger bias, surely there is also Contras the bias. In most cases on it even the mountain skiers who aren't able to turn surely will stop. Such tracks carefully look after that there were no hillocks.

There are no age restrictions in alpine skiing. It is possible to begin also in 4-6, and at 11-12, and in 14-15 years. And the retirement age at all not the hindrance for occupations alpine skis.

Average level

Further on complexity blue tracks follow – they are intended for skiers of the so-called average level. On tracks of this kind the steepness of some sites, along with the variable relief increases. Also the lack of hillocks, sharp differences of relief slopes, presence of the increased steepness is characteristic of them. All this does descent on the blue track more various and interesting, and straight, frequent sections with the small bias, allow to sweep at the speed.

Tracks for professionals

Carry red tracks to difficult. They are specially created for athletes of high level. Tracks of this kind differ in even more increased steepness, lack of flat sites with the combination of short abrupt places. To ride on such tracks, it is necessary to own very well turns of small radius on parallel skis which allow to extinguish speed in time. Experienced skiers can ride red tracks both small, and big arches in all range of speeds. Such tracks carefully look after as at the large number riding, by the end of day hillocks can already appear.

First place among the best ski slopes is won by the Canadian Whistler. It is placed in 120-kilometer remoteness from Vancouver.

The number of descents "out of tracks", with the smaller steepness which owing to natural features can't be recommended to skiers with brief experience of driving also gets to this category. Descents of this kind often designate by the red dotted line. Black belong to particularly complex tracks – they are intended for professionals as difficult sites, from rigid abrupt boards with hillocks, to virgin snow, not flat, but bottlenecks, sharp turns with various differences of the slope are peculiar to them. On schemes descents of this sort designate by the black dotted line. Here it is possible to rank also artificial hillocks for the halfpipe, mogul and springboards for snowboarders.

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