What women are pleasant to men to Aquarius how to draw their attention

What women are pleasant to men to Aquarius how to draw their attention

Not all people trust in astrological forecasts and influence of zodiac signs on the character, however it is difficult to deny existence of coincidence, and every day more and more from us learn in it by own experience.

This article will be equally interesting both to girls, and men born under the sign of Aquarius and that it is worth knowing about character and preferences of men in this case — read further.

Characteristic of the man of Aquarius

Any person who was personally communicating with the man Aquarius will not call him the ordinary interlocutor. It is really very difficult to solve the people born under this sign, and it is heavy to make their psychological portrait even to experienced psychologists.

However at more close acquaintance nevertheless it is possible to mark out several key characteristics which help to define possible behavior and needs of Aquarius for different spheres of life — the love relations, family life and the business sphere.

The man Aquarius in the love relations

Over the man Aquarius has the power air elements, as explains inconstancy in character of such people. Practically they try to transfer any relations to the friendly course, and admit only the "elected" women to themselves.

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Freedom for them above all therefore the quicker the woman will understand and will accept it, the it is more at it than chances of long communication with the elect. To completely trust in the partner — an exigeant task for the man of Aquarius therefore he can see off for many years searching "that" woman who is completely sharing his outlooks on life.

The free and equal love is the only acceptable form in this case therefore near such satellite it will be good only to the woman who likes the following male qualities and preferences:

  • unpredictability and spontaneity;
  • singularity of thinking;
  • sociability and cheerful nature;
  • initiative and positive relation to experiments;
  • unwillingness to lead monotonous, stereotypic life according to the standard traditions;
  • lack of jealousy and authoritativeness.

It is quite probable that guys Aquarius at early age will differ in inconstancy in the intimacies, running from one girl to another, however standard ways of deduction of men near themselves in this case will not approach therefore that Aquarius remained with you, it is necessary to release it, having granted the right to choose most the way.

Whether you know? Each zodiac sign takes the place in the Universe, getting under influences of the concrete planet. For the first time into certain sectors the sky was divided by shumer approximately in the third millennium B.C. As for the first documentary confirmations of development of astrology, they are dated the XVI-XV centuries BC.

The man Aquarius in family

The men born under this sign it is hard to force to say goodbye to free life and to devote itself to family, but even if it happens, most likely, your elect will and adhere further to the principles of equality and respect for personal space. However, in respect of material security of the family and education of children Aquarius proves as good getters and careful fathers therefore if it turns out to place all priorities at once and not to limit freedom of the man, with high probability such marriage will be happy and for the woman.

It is interesting that carnal joys in this case practically always recede into the background, and the ability to support constructive dialogue and to surprise the husband with information new, earlier unknown to it will be a priority of the spouse.

Being very sociable personality, it for certain will at once win arrangement of all family, however and in exchange it will need similar return from relatives.

The man Aquarius in the business sphere

The creative mentality, ability to think and analyze the events help Aquarius to try to obtain considerable achievements in the professional sphere, deciding even the most unusual situations that it cannot but be pleasant to the administration. However it will be fair only when the man does favorite thing bringing him a lot of pleasure. If for it not so, then any fulfillments it is not necessary to wait, and support of the elect and the direction it energy to more suitable course becomes the main objective of the woman.

Only having found the calling, the man Aquarius will be able to be completely happy with themselves and will make happy the family.

Important! In the professional plan the people of this sign should choose creative professions, perhaps, connected with radio - or telecasting. Work in the sphere of provision of services — not that it is necessary for them therefore very few people from Aquarius feel the joy of performance of duties of the lawyer, the confectioner or the selling assistant.

What girls are pleasant to Aquarius to men

Paying much attention to personal qualities of the darling, man Aquarius not always fixedly estimates their external data therefore they have no concrete requirements to a shape of a nose, features of a figure or especially to hair color.

In different situations they can like absolutely different girls, but at the same time in each separate case they will have the features, individual, very attractive to Aquarius.

On appearance

Appearance — the first what we pay attention at acquaintance to the new person to, and it is quite logical. It is much simpler to beautiful people to cause strong reaction in an opposite sex, but in a case with men Aquarius the style is not less important.

Most often they are interested in the ladies having a certain charm, but not just following fashionable to trends therefore in this case the ability to present itself in the most favorable light, to look most stylish and to be the personality that well turns out both at blondes, and at brunettes or ryzhenky girls will be decisive.


Being under the influence of the planet Uranium, the male part of Aquarius takes out into the forefront a spiritual bond with the partner, but not the carnal relations with it. For this reason in the sexual sphere from Aquarius often blows as cold with which only the passionate and bright partner, the one look kindling a flame in soul of the man can cope. The sensual and bright blonde — the excellent candidate for this role, especially if, besides bright appearance, it has high mental abilities and in any situation is capable to support a conversation.


Brunettes are typical representatives of more reserved, but not less effective women who have that internal charm attracting men of Aquarius. The bright and attractive brunette always stands out from the crowd as knows how it is favorable to emphasize the advantages and to hide the available shortcomings. It is necessary to tell that wards of Uranium give to brunettes preference more often though they seldom intentionally select them according to this criterion.


All men Aquarius are characterized by congenital sense of beauty therefore it is no wonder that they like everything unusually beautiful. It concerns also women therefore on the first place there are always ladies near whom they will not be able to remain unnoticed. Certainly, a lot of things in this question depend on an ukhozhennost of the girl, but owners of red hair practically always fall into an advantageous state and are capable to capture attention of the elect from first minutes of acquaintance to it.

Full or thin

According to statistical data, most of men thin girls are pleasant, but it does not mean yet that owners of curvy shapes will remain unattended.

In the partner's assessment the man Aquarius adheres to the so-called "gold middle", choosing not too lean (almost anoreksichny girls) and female not really dense representatives. To be pleasant to the elect, the girl has to possess proportional forms, let her weight will be a little more norm. "Magnificent" ladies often surprise with the manners and elegance, making rather strong impression on the interlocutor of Aquarius. Besides you should not forget also about a communication manner that will help to achieve the desirable to any girl.

On character

Character of the woman — one more important component of her personality therefore it is no wonder that each man will always pay attention to features of the darling. Aquariuses here not an exception therefore, being going to fascinate them, it is worth learning about their preferences in this plan in advance.

Whether you know? The people born under the sign of Aquarius often badly divide dreams and reality, and all because their dreams are always very realistic and often not only bright images, but also sounds, smells and even feelings bear.

Strong or weak

Practically all males appreciate the weakness and fragility allowing them to self-fulfill as strong defenders in the darlings.

However, being near the man Aquarius, not to do without female wisdom, in some situations it is necessary to alternate the external weakness to internal force, supporting the man in the solution of everyday and professional issues, and sometimes even putting his thoughts and actions on the right track. The female attention and care for certain will find a response in soul of willful Aquarius and it will want to answer the same, preserving, protecting and giving comfort to the woman.

Imperious or soft

If to select the companion according to these criteria, then with high probability the representative of the sign Aquarius will choose the soft and appeasable woman who only in separate situations will stand on the hind legs. The assertiveness and presentation of high requirements to the man will only push away him, however, as well as infringement of personal space.

Aquariuses — the reserved and quite closed natures to get into thoughts of which happens very much and very not easy therefore it is necessary to work most accurately and without pressure here. Only this way there will be every chance for a long time to draw attention of the man of Aquarius and to hold it near themselves.

On a horoscope

Being under the influence of the planet Uranium, Aquarius very much loves communication, and only in a positive spirit, every time learning something new about the interlocutor and about the world around. However even the women who are completely suitable in this plan, are not always capable to satisfy inquiries of the active and charming man of Aquarius therefore in the choice of the companion it is better for them to consider the age:

  • up to thirty years when they are attracted by all novel and new, to Aquarius it will be comfortable near representatives of the same air zodiac signs: for example, Aquarius, Twins, Scales;
  • after thirty years when the outlook and thoughts become more practical, the woman born under the sign of the Maiden or the Aries will become the ideal companion (are characterized by judiciousness and real assessment of all events);
  • after forty years it is very important to man to feel the importance therefore he will try to achieve recognition and respect from people around. At this vital stage there has to be the same freedom-loving, but kind woman nearby, with active living position and readiness in everything to support the satellite. Representatives of the sign Lion will be good option in this case.

Important! Zodiac sign of the partner is only a reference point therefore it is impossible to claim that the person will correspond to all characteristics specified in the description. First of all be always guided by own impression and a need of the heart.

How to draw attention of the man of Aquarius

Considering all aforesaid and in view of characteristics of men of Aquarius, it is simple to select the basic rules of female behavior for attraction of their attention. First of all it:

  • non-standard and readiness for new impressions (unusual style in clothes, slight madness in acts and unusual thinking is what will help to draw attention of the elect and to become interested in you);
  • positive spirit and lack of boredom in the relations (constantly you keep Aquarius in a tone, surprise him and try not to be predictable, and neither in a statement, nor in behavior);
  • readiness for continuous studying hobbies and character of the elect, and if necessary and implicit adoption of his point of view (the maximalism of Aquarius is almost boundless, however, as well as its thinking what it is necessary to reconcile for the long relations to);
  • readiness to provide the report on the acts and actions (in spite of the fact that Aquarius very much appreciates freedom, they demand from the half absolutely other and do not suffer objections);
  • lack of jealousy or especially hysteria in behavior (single, rare, and, above all — small quarrels only warm up the relations, but if scandals become norm, then Aquarius soon it is necessary to say goodbye to the man, and it is the fact).

As you can see, it is possible to construct the relations with the representative of the specified zodiac sign, but it will demand from the woman of a certain sacrifice for whom not everyone is ready.

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What women are not pleasant to them

Knowing what women precisely will be pleasant to the man to Aquarius, it is possible to guess as you should not behave not to push away the elect.

In this case men do not love girls with the following features of character:

  • self-admiration and selfishness because of what ladies are capable to think only of own requirements, without paying attention to desires and needs of the elect;
  • lack of accurate living position and any aspirations (only the same woman, as he can attract ambitious Aquarius);
  • strongly developed jealousy and desire to control each step of the elect (such relation will never be pleasant to the freedom-loving sign);
  • obstinacy and unwillingness to recognize own mistakes, constantly pointing to misses of people around.

Besides, the woman never should forget about the appearance as any male always wants to have the attractive companion who will be for certain interesting not only to him, but also people around.

Requirements and preferences of Aquarius in this plan do not differ from standard, and knowing about subtleties and features of this sign, you for certain will be able to construct comfortable relationship with his representatives.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team