When it is better to run - in the morning or in the evening?

When it is better to run - in the morning or in the evening?

So, you begin to run. Sneakers and sportswear are already bought, it was necessary to resolve only one issue: when it is better to be engaged? Some claim that the advantage will be, only if to run in the morning. Others object that evening run – it is ideal to relax and make toilet. To whom to trust?


It is considered that hours when trainings render the best effect on the organism - it is intervals from 6 to 7 in the morning, from 9 to 12 in the afternoon and also from 17 to 19 in the evening. But not all have the opportunity to run in such time. Study, work and also the sweet dream often prevent to release these hours for sports loadings.

To understand when it is better to run for you, once you think of such thing, own biological clock. Each of us has them. Some people consider themselves larks, others owls, the third – are far from ornithology, they can rise and lay down at any time, adapting to the operating mode.

If you the lark, then morning run isn't for you the problem. You wake up, full of strength, and the additional charge of cheerfulness and good mood will only improve your day. But in the evening when you were tired and you dream only of rest, need to make jog can drive you in melancholy and avert from this most useful type of trainings. And here if you the owl, then for morning jog you not only have to get up earlier, but also to push out dozing yourself from the warm house on the street, to have the stress and to feel the whole day how tired muscles hurt. But in the evening you run the put distance with ease of the skilled athlete, come back home and perfectly feel also all next day.

Comparison of morning and evening

That for whom has no special value to live on regime of the owl or lark, it is possible to tell the following. It is good to run in the morning because you feel fresh all day. Jog will mobilize you in the morning, improves the general tone and mood. But, as researchers consider, morning sports activities quite often are the stress for the organism which didn't wake up yet. Evening jog allows to reduce stress which collected for the unlucky working day. Muscles relax, you go to bed as though the holidaymaker, and then perfectly sleep. Evening run allows to cope with insomnia. Some say that only morning jog allows to lose weight. Others tell the same, but about evening jog. One is precisely known: despite any authoritative statements, all grow thin from run, and those who run in the morning, and those who run in the evening. It is the best of all to be engaged at that time which seems to you the most convenient. The most important is the regularity of jogs. The regularity, and only regularity, and not so ideal time of day for run, will allow you to bring themselves into the excellent form and it is fine to feel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team