Where is and as the seventh chakra of the person works

Where is and as the seventh chakra of the person works

person, according to east spirituality, has difficult power arrangement which includes seven different chakras which are strictly in certain places. The seventh chakra — Sakhasrara is main or as it is called still — crown. Therefore in this article we will consider in detail information on the 7th (crown) chakra — Sakhasrare what she is responsible for and where is.


It is heavy to perceive information on Sakhasrare's chakra, without having understood what is chakras.

Whether you know? The wheel with needles which turns with a huge speed — such long offer is the translation from Sanskrit of the small word chakra.

Chakra is the center in which streams of vital energy are crossed. The person has 7 main chakras which are used for spirituality in Hinduism. Each chakra is responsible for separate abilities of the person.

Sakhasrara treats the center of perfection of consciousness. It is considered that this infinite storage of knowledge which can be developed constantly. Sakhasrara is a symbol of education and invisible communication with the Universe which exists in the highest levels of spiritual consciousness.

Get acquainted with main goals of practice of yoga of Kundalini.

Let's consider in more detail what represents Sakhasrar as the main chakra and what she is responsible for.

What is it

1000-fold — is quite so translated from Sanskrit the word sakhasrar.

People who seek to learn the true way and to reach consciousness improvement, have to develop a crown point.

If to take to data of judgment of the ancient people, then they claim what after physical death of a shower leaves a body in a crown point.

Sakhasrara is the center which unites energy of all other chakras. Thanks to it the person can learn to accept, to realize and connect the consciousness to boundless knowledge and universal love.

If Sakhasrara is completely revealed, then the person can find equilibrium state and tranquility. His consciousness changes, he ceases to indulge empty experiences and to torments on trifles. There is mindfulness of personal integrity, the person accepts himself an important element of the environment.

If to compare to chakra of the third eye Adzhna who is responsible for perception of the world from outside then in this case the person undergoes process of reunion with this world.

It is considered that if completely to reveal Sakhasrara, then other chakras will begin to develop quickly. Full work of the center of energy allows the person most to make energy radiation, than influences the environment and the Universe.

Where is

Considering that Sakhasrara is the main chakra, we will consider where it is. Sakhasrara on the top part of the top settles down.

Whether you know? Most of the famous spiritual practicians claim that the fontanel at newborns is Sakhasrara's center therefore about one year the babies are strongly connected with space.

Characteristics of chakra

Sakhasrara's image often violet. As the image the lotus flower having 1000 petals, a white and violet color is chosen.

In spite of the fact that the main flowers are white and violet, Sakhasrara is capable to radiate all colors of the rainbow which merge together.

Petals are built in 20 rows, each of which has 50 petals. Such quantity of petals very symbolical because represents a large number of the spiritual ways open for comprehension by the person.

Sakhasrara's center is presented in the circle form with the image of mandalas of the sun and the moon. The circle symbolizing the full moon which is represented in a flower is a wreath of spiritual development of the soul which is in a physical body. Thanks to such combination there is a connection of power channels Pingala-nadi (solar channel), Ida-nadi (lunar channel) to the central canal of power system of the person — Sushumna. The symbol with such image is an embodiment of the fact that the terrestrial nature is dual and it is necessary to return to integrity always. The center of a circle has tiny to bandage (point), the meaning emptiness. It is possible to get closer to her only in case of very long and conscious spiritual development.

Signs of openness and closeness

Considering that Sakhasrara's arrangement concentrates outside duality, it is impossible to call it healthy or sick, other concepts, such as open, closed or short opened are applied to it.

As open chakra works

Completely revealed Sakhasrara influences a brain, letting out the highest vibrations which change perception not only the person, but also people around.

If the person possesses the revealed Sakhasrara, there is an understanding that the world is possible without the conflicts. There is a quiet formulation of questions, answers to which come from the Universe through the seventh chakrato Sakhasrar. The person stops being fussy, quietly perceives himself as the created personality. There is no more fear, disappointment or anger — they become additional tools which help the personality with spiritual development. Such person is capable to carry out the analysis of the emotions with ease and to operate them and also to understand the reasons of their emergence.

At Sakhasrara's disclosure there is a reunion of the person to the world therefore he ceases to blame others and to look for justification to personal problems. If in life there are any difficulties, then the personality with the revealed Sakhasrara perceives a situation absolutely in a different way and finds the reason of problems not in the world around, and in herself. Therefore all actions which it makes directly influence his further life. There is an understanding that any event is not casual.

As a result of such the practician, comes a harmonious condition of a body and soul.

Signs of the closed divine center

Sakhasrara's blocking completely does not happen, and even if the person is not engaged in spirituality, chakra is at an initial stage of opening. At weak opening of Sakhasrara of people feels own independence and considers that it is not connected with the Universe. Such state becomes frequent the cause of feeling of fear and uncertainty, there is a blocking of other chakras that interferes with inflow of energy to an organism.

Poorly revealed Sakhasrara does not allow its owner to understand vital appointment. The person has many questions on which he is not able to find answers. Considering that there is a dissonance not only in the 7th chakra, but also in other centers, the personality becomes to unbalanced, subject depressions and dissatisfaction with life.

The owner of half-closed chakra cannot enjoy life, badly comes into contact with people around, cannot normally be in contact with animals. If at the person there come difficulties, then, as a rule, it completely unsettles him.

At incomplete disclosure of Sakhasrara, person constantly pursues fear of death as he is sure that after death there is no continuation of life because the physical body perishes.

The personality is not responsible for the events, tries to look for the reason not in herself, and in people around.

Whether Sakhasrar can open

As it was stated above, Sakhasrara's disclosure completely depends on the person and if he practices spiritual development, then the 7th chakra will gradually open.

Precautionary measures

At spirituality which is followed by yoga it is necessary to consider the safety measures consisting of the following rules:

  • during implementation the practician, it is necessary to watch equal position of a back, breath at the same time has to be quiet and full. It is impossible to allow emergence of pain or breakthroughs.
  • if you are engaged in group, it is necessary to inform the coach in an occasion of personal problems with health in advance, and when performing the practician it is necessary to consider features of an organism and health at the moment.
  • when performing exercises it is necessary to concentrate on Sakhasrara's center, it is forbidden to be distracted by thoughts and emotions, it is recommended to keep internal concentration.

The yoga helps to get rid of fatigue, it is better to remember information, to lose excess weight and to keep the taken shape at weight loss.

How to open chakra

That Sakhasrara completely opened, it is necessary to resort to daily performance of special exercises. There are rather simple, but at the same time, very effective technicians of the correct breath, meditation or special mantras.

The usual mantra of Ohms will allow to simplify process of opening of Sakhasrara considerably.

Simple, but effective exercise for Sakhasrara's disclosure originates in old technicians of meditation. For its performance, it is necessary to accept a lotus pose, having turned the person on the North.

It is important! If the lotus pose at you cannot be executed at the moment, then it is necessary to sit down orientally.

Blindly, it is necessary to make connection of fingers of hands. Further it is necessary to present and feel shine of cold light of the moon on the left side, and shine and heat of the sun — from right.

The space needs mentally to be filled with universal energy and to begin to absorb it the left nostril, that is — to do breathing exercise on a breath. You have to feel filling of the seventh chakra with this energy and carry out exercise till that time until it completely is filled.

After that it is necessary to lower slowly to a tailbone energy on the left side of a body, to lift it back on a backbone and to do the same with the right side.

The left side has to be filled with energy of the moon and to be at the same time cold, and right — energy of the sun, warm and warming.

Performance of exercise has to happen daily and repeat not less than 20 times.

If to do everything it is most concentrated and it is correct, then in 2 months you will see result — Sakhasrara as much as possible will open.

Important! It is necessary to remember that full disclosure of the seventh chakra will happen only in case all other chakras work correctly.

Karmic body and the 7th chakra

Sakhasrara is connected with a karmic body which always contains data on the previous incarnation of soul. Thanks to spirituality and Sakhasrara's disclosure it is possible to reach knowledge of purpose in life, to construct model of development of soul and to reach feeling of balance of inner world. The karmic body is considered book in which the past is written down and the forecast as a hobby for the future contains. If to connect to a karmic body, then you receive answers to the concerning questions. In this case it is possible to realize incarnation, to understand for what your soul is on the earth at present and as the person has to arrive for improvement and development of soul.

Having considered detailed information on what is chakras, and in particular, Sakhasrara, it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is possible to reach its full opening only, having completely realized importance of spiritual development and carrying out by constant practicians for achievement of a goal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team