Where to register in the summer

Where to register in the summer

Summertime of year opens opportunities for active pastime even more, than cold. You shouldn't spend warm summer months in lazy rest on the beach, options, where to register in the summer and how fully to spend these months the set.


1. The person without physical training should register in summertime in occupations with cardiovascular machines. The level of training to them can be zero, but the physical shape on such occupations quickly returns to normal.

2. Visit the nearest fitness center, check offers on different occupations in the center, the fitness has the mass of versions – aerobics, shaping, the kallanetika, Pilates, the bodi-ballet. Even the yoga belongs to the fitness directions. Choose for yourself the most optimal variant of fitness, more active or less mobile, based on the correct breath. By the end of summer you will feel newly given rise after such occupations in the center.

3. Register in water aerobics. In comparison with work in gym and active fitness movements such classes are given in water, are very pleasant for health and perfectly grind the body.

4. In the summer nobody excludes circulation to the pool. Even swimming in aquapark, in the reservoir won't replace the pure water of pools checked by sanepidemichesky experts in which it is possible to float intensively under the leadership of instructors or to do it independently in groups of health.

5. It is necessary to pay attention to cycling, to skating, to occupations fast walking and run in the summer. It is desirable to study new sports not independently, and under supervision of the skilled coach as loadings for the beginner in all sports strictly pay off.

6. Dancing hours - the best pastime during the summer period. Not only that you receive the cheerfulness charge, will perfectly spend time on dances, improve the condition of the figure, but also you will flash abilities in resort summer discos, in sanatoria of rest, on foreign trips to the sea. You can register in the strip-dens, the strip plasticity, belly dance, hip-hop, the flamenco, the Latin American dances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team