Whether it is necessary to drink water during the training in gym"

Whether it is necessary to drink water during the training in gym"

All know that it is possible to achieve certain results in the gym, only adhering to the correct technology of exercises, following recommendations about food, preparation and behavior in the course and after the training.

One of the contradictory questions concerning a visit of gym — whether it is necessary to use liquid during the training. Let's it consider.

Water role in an organism

The liquid role in a human body is known to all. This major substance which is necessary for activity. It is only enough to tell what at loss of 10% of liquid of people dies approximately 3–10 days later. At the same time day of dehydration later he will already feel tired, sluggish, irritable.

Important! Decrease in reserves of liquid in an organism affects work of all bodies and systems, leads to decrease in working capacity. So, if its quantity decreases by 2%, then the shipping of loadings will go down, the feeling of fatigue will increase by 3% — for 5% — muscle weakness will develop.

Let's shortly remind what main functions are performed by water in a human body:

  • transports minerals and vitamins on an organism, dissolves and restores their loss after removal with urine, a stake and then;
  • regulates body temperature;
  • utilizes and removes disintegration substances in the course of metabolism;
  • starts work of a digestive tract;
  • participates in reduction of muscles;
  • carries electrons and oxygen on an organism;
  • supports cellular structure;
  • serves as prophylactic against various diseases.

On a question of that how many the person needs to drink liquids in day, there is no definite answer. Most often it is possible to meet recommendations about its completion in number of not less than 1.5-2 l. This volume has to be large if the human body gives in to high temperatures and active physical activities.

Whether you know? According to specialists of UNESCO, today safe drinking water is inaccessible to about one billion people. And the clearest water is consumed by residents of Finland.

Why to drink during the training

A consensus about why it is possible or it is impossible to drink liquid during the training, no. If to return to earlier provided information, then, certainly, the person needs to fill liquid reserves which he intensively loses at the increased sweating during the occupations in a fitness studio.

At active physical activities the body temperature rises, as a result the organism tries to adjust thermal control, cooling it by means of sweat. Also at violation of water balance there is a blood solidification therefore it becomes heavier to heart to pass it on vessels, veins and arteries, and it begins to work more intensively. Thus, load of heart significantly raises. That not to allow it, it is necessary to dilute blood.

Besides, the water shortcoming interferes with combustion of fat and extension of muscles. Thus, it is necessary to use liquid during the training, however it is necessary to do it correctly.

Important! The only type of a training during which it is necessary to limit intake of liquid in an organism — run. Its plentiful consumption reduces endurance.

As well as how many water needs to be drunk

The standard recommendation about the minimum use of liquid during sports activities — 2 l a day, at introduction to a diet of sports food — 3 l a day.

Study properties of water with a lemon, with honey, boiled, thawed.

We give several councils as it is correct to drink water in the gym:

  1. Before occupations — in 2–3 hours — it is necessary to use about 0.5 l of water (during a heat — to 0.7 l). Before coming into the hall (in 10–20 minutes) — 0.2-0.25 l (during a heat — up to 0.5 l).
  2. It is necessary to resupply liquid even at the strongest thirst both during the occupations and after them with small drinks.
  3. It is better to divide the use of liquid into several receptions — optimum after each exercise up to 2–3 throats or every 20-30 minutes on 0.2-0.3 l.
  4. After the training it is possible to use 0.5-0.7 l, but not at once, and for 2 hours.
  5. It is necessary to drink even if there is no feeling of thirst.
  6. Not to abuse drinks — in day quite enough 2 l for normal functioning of an organism at occupations will be any kind of sport. Plentiful intake of liquid is fraught with developing of hypostases and violations in work of kidneys and an urinogenital system.
  7. It is necessary to exclude cold drinks. At their drinking when the body is excited, the risk of development of cold and diseases of a throat increases.
  8. Water during the trainings, especially long, it is possible to replace with the special cocktails containing carbohydrates. The experienced trainer has to advise their scheme and a dosage.

Whether you know? The amount of water in a human body depends on its age category, a constitution and a way of life. Most of all it at newborns — about 86%, and least of all at elderly people is about 50%.

Thus, the use of liquid during the trainings — an important condition of normal functioning of an organism. However it is necessary to drink correctly — often and small portions. There are only 2 exceptions when it is undesirable to use water: at run and if there is a purpose "to dry up" an organism, i.e. to get rid of excess liquid.

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