Whether it is possible to drink during the trainings

Whether it is possible to drink during the trainings

The condition of water balance of the organism is important very much during exercise stresses which the athlete receives at intensive trainings in the hall. In spite of the fact that the question of optimum amount of the consumed liquid during sports activities remains open to this day, professionals are convinced that it is necessary to drink water in gym after all.

It isn't necessary to have vocational medical education for understanding of how many organism gives liquids during intensive trainings. And the result and the general efficiency of all training cycle depends on water balance. Strong losses of liquid during the occupations in the hall something are similar to dehydration when the general process of metabolism in all fabrics and members of the body is broken. At sharp loss of liquid that is especially relevant in the crowded or badly ventilated gym, decreases the level of muscular reaction that finds the expression in the unreasonable attack of fatigue. But not everything is as obvious as can seem at first sight.

The use of water at bodybuilding trainings

If the athlete visits gym for the purpose of accumulation of muscle bulk, then restriction or total rejection of water not only isn't useful, but also is obviously mean. At the shortage of water in the organism the access of proteinaceous connections to the sites of muscles damaged by microgaps is broken that simply complicates the growth of muscle bulk. Besides, at intensive sweating, blood begins to be condensed that negatively affects work of the cardiac muscle. Heart will need much more efforts to push thick blood on vessels. Small vessels at the surface of skin are left practically without food. The person whose skin has the pale shade after strong overloads can notice it on iznemozhenny the training.

The amount of the water consumed during the training has to be accurately agreed with the coach, and the excess of water in the organism is also harmful. I am eager to satisfy in the hall best of all with the peeled still water, drinking small portions in several drinks and only at the moments of obvious discomfort when in the throat the dryness is felt.

Whether it is possible to drink water at cardiotrainings

If the cardiotraining is carried out for the purpose of weight reduction, then it is worth using water also only small drinks. During those moments when the body is especially excited, it is the best of all to refrain from acceptance of cold liquid as it can provoke cold. In general, the water brought to the hall or special sports drinks have to have temperature close to air temperature in the hall. It isn't recommended to use lemonades and the aerated liquids. To check the organism regarding dehydration during the training quite easily. At foul of water balance there can be the burning in the stomach. Also at loading spasms in the trained group of muscles can disturb. Also, if during the occupations in the hall the hoarseness in the voice or discomfort is observed during the conversation, then it signals about obvious foul of water-salt balance in the organism.

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