Whether it is possible to drink water during the training

Whether it is possible to drink water during the training

Most of professionals in the field of sport agree in opinion that it is necessary to drink water during the training. However the points of view about the safe amount of water differ.

Why it is important to maintain water balance of the organism during the training

Among beginners and nonprofessionals there is the naive delusion that drink during the training interferes with weight loss. Actually, illusion of considerable weight reduction is connected with evaporation of water from the organism.

It is strongly recommended to drink water at any exercise stresses, not only at sports activities. Our organism for 80% consists of water therefore maintenance of water-salt balance is especially important. Dehydration of the organism and relatives of the state to it conceal in themselves serious threat.

Even the short-term deficiency of water will surely affect health of the athlete, so, and effectiveness of the training. If you don't drink water during the long training, your blood becomes more dense. In this case oxygen will be worse carried on the organism. Evaporation of the critical amount of water leads to overheating of the organism that raises load of the cardiovascular system and can even lead to the loss of consciousness. Thus, owing to the lack of water the organism has the stress and quickly overtires. To avoid such state, it is necessary to drink periodically water during the exercise stress. However it is worth choosing the moderate drinking mode not to do much harm to the organism. The excess of water in the organism is harmful to heart not less, than its shortcoming. It leads to increase in volume of blood that gives to heart additional work. Also overconsumption of water forces to work too intensively kidneys and provokes washing away of salts from the organism.

How many and how often to drink

So, there was the last question. How many to drink waters during the training not to do much harm to the organism? The optimal variant is to do on couple of small drinks each 10-15 minutes. Some types of loadings demand the bigger amount of water, some smaller. Some professional dancers say that during the occupations dances rather simply periodically to rinse the throat water. Bodybuilders, on the contrary, are inclined to abuse water at the training. It is also possible to fill up the amount of water before the training. In this case it is worth drinking 0.5-1 liter of water within the hour. Under such condition the organism won't need additional drink during the occupation for a long time. Important point: during the training it is impossible to drink very cold water. The use of cold water involves sharp narrowing of vessels that has an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system. It is better to take water of room temperature, and it is possible to take in winter time even hot water.

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