Whether it is possible to lose weight in a month by 10 kg?

Whether it is possible to lose weight in a month by 10 kg?

In the aspiration to lose weight the people often use doubtful quality of a diet or medicines, without thinking of their impact on an organism and of consequences for health. Especially relevant the question of extra kilos becomes before any important action when weight needs to be lost as soon as possible. How to dump about 10 kg in a month in house conditions to the woman without prejudice to health, we will talk today.

Weight loss is correct: how not to do much harm to an organism

By councils of nutritionists the correct weight loss is an integrated approach. Reduction of the calories used in day, correction of a diet (to remove all harmful), a mobile way of life: sport, foot walks on fresh air.


It is necessary to starve correctly differently after the process termination you not only you will return the lost kilograms, but also you will take superfluous. Let's consider in details how to lose weight in a month by 10 kg without harm for health by means of starvation, the sequence of actions to, in time and after process.

Before beginning it is necessary to prepare an organism. In 3-4 days exclude all animal protein, sweet and farinaceous food, dairy products from a diet. Eat fruit and vegetables, drink water. Before starvation it is possible to make a cleaning enema.

Begin starvation since day, with the subsequent increase to three days. These days it is necessary to drink water to two liters.

It is important to leave starvation correctly. There can be a vegetable or fruit juice diluted with water (not citrus), the vegetable salads seasoned with lemon juice first meal. In the next days it is necessary to exclude salty, smoked, sharp and fried, fat, proteinaceous food. An exit from starvation lasts so many days how many there was a starvation.

Breakdown and dizziness is at first possible, but you should not take medicine. Instead drink a glass of warmish water with honey.

Important! At observance of rules the weight will leave quickly enough, in the first week to three kilograms. But also later it is necessary to observe the mode of healthy food and to lead active lifestyle, otherwise starvation will turn back a set of a bigger weight.

Rigid diets

The magic diets based on one apple and a glass of kefir a day are fraught with many consequences – beginning with gastrointestinal diseases, finishing with external changes. As a result of rigid diets the skin, hair and nails suffer because of loss of vitamins and necessary minerals. Rapid loss of weight will be followed by loss of water and muscle tissue which will just droop. To lose weight in a month really, but health and beauty will be payment.

The diet for weight loss has to be balanced, then it will bring result. Any strict restriction deprives an organism of any substances, important for its functioning, further threatens with loss of health and a set of a bigger weight. The healthy diets directed to weight loss, first of all, help to be started to the correct metabolism. At good metabolism the organism burns a maximum of calories, without postponing superfluous.

Whether you know? The diet as a medical concept, was introduced in Ancient Greece by the philosopher and the Aesculapian Hippocrates. Then its steel actively to use Ancient Greek athletes: athletes included meat of goats, rice, dairy products and various fruit and vegetables in the diet.


In all media resources it is possible to see advertizing about a miracle means for weight loss, many believe that it is enough to drink magic tea or to eat a pill and problem places by itself will resolve. Unfortunately, all medicines have side effects.

The group of psychostimulators lowering appetite influences nervous system. The main active ingredient of such medicines usually is the cook, caffeine, a guarana which cause insomnia, a tremor, migraines, feeling of alarm, a depression increase heartbeat and pressure; Cambodian which gamboge gives short-term effect and is fraught with indigestions and also dermatological problems.

Other not less magic herbs and fruits, with not less magic consequences as a result of which reception work of internals is broken.

The group of laxative teas, apparently, quite harmless means, but can result from long reception an intestines atoniya, that is it will just cease to work independently.

Besides, regular compulsory clarification will lead to potassium loss that will provoke violation of warm activity. Here it is possible to include diuretics, the brightest result after which application there will be a violation of water-salt balance of an organism, failure in work of a pancreas and dehydration.

The way popular recently to lose weight is to use microcrystalline cellulose. Its action is similar to effect of cellulose: getting into a stomach, substance bulks up and causes sense of fulness. However for greater effect the amount of substance increases, walls of a stomach are irritated, provoking GIT diseases, over time there comes the intestines atoniya which is already described above.

The most harmless of everything listed are burners of fat, on the basis of extract of pineapple or a papaya. The concrete help can be received from these means, only combining reception with sports occupations as they only split proteins, having the minimum impact on fats.

Laws of weight loss

The first law of weight loss is healthy nutrition therefore if you, playing sports, dare to eat unhealthy food, then weight loss will progress very slowly.

Drink water

Water – one of important points at loss of weight, drinking a glass of water before meal, you fill a stomach already a little and dull feeling of hunger. Begin morning with a glass of water and drink it throughout the day. It is possible to take a small small bottle for work or walk, gradually it will become a necessity. It is desirable to drink from one and a half to two liters a day.

It is important! Remember that, except water, the organism perceives any other drinks as food. Therefore neither tea, nor juice enter the necessary amount of water.

Bread, fast food and sweets down with

If you want to get rid of extra kilos, it is necessary to forget about farinaceous food, sweet and fast having a snack fast food. All this an unnecessary set of carbohydrates and if to speak about fast food is also fat, salty, generously seasoned with sauces with the artificial additives and emulsifiers stimulating appetite and bearing except completeness also a problem with a GIT.

It is necessary to refuse spicy and smoked food, fried, especially in a large amount of oil and spices. It is also necessary to exclude, afford consumption of the aerated and alcoholic beverages occasionally (holidays) about 150 g of dry or moist red wine are possible.

Make the schedule of meal

That it was simpler to follow the rules of food, make the list of products from which you will prepare, upon purchase will not be temptation to buy something superfluous. Write down the menu for a week, try to eat small portions of 5-6 times a day at the same time.

For having a snack it is possible to use fruit, kefir or yogurt (pay attention to its fat content), on sale there are different types of cereal bars, and instead of sweets eat dried fruits and nuts.

Get enough sleep

Researches of the Canadian scientists dealing with problems of obesity proved that the dream is an integral part of the program of weight reduction. As a result of a sleep debt, the organism produces hormone grelin which delays combustion of fat, filling with that the energy half-received because of a defective dream.

The person who did not have a rest, not well-rested has more strong feeling of hunger that often leads to overeating. Get enough sleep, find for night rest the necessary time, it not only will help you to lose weight. After full night sleep at the person a healthy look, vigorous mood and good health.

Move more

The more people move, the more spend energy, the more calories are burned. To move does not mean for day without a break more to carry out in the gym, try to walk more in the fresh air. Foot walks are excellent cardiotrainings: blood circulates on vessels of the movement quicker in time, all organism, including heart oxygenates.

Walking on foot strengthens walls of vessels and heart, favorably influences digestive organs, strengthens a backbone, muscle tissues and improves mood. Of course, do not exclude also sports: fitness, pool, exercise machines and other. Ideally three times a week of an hour to one and a half are quite enough to take desirable shape and to support them.

Forget about weight loss

Do not think of how to throw off 10 kg in a month in house conditions, the notions of compulsion lead to nervous breakdowns, and it does not promote loss of weight in any way.

Give to the thoughts the right direction: think that you already conduct correct and a healthy lifestyle which every day brings closer you to desirable result more and more. Keep a diary, writing down all positive changes and thoughts in a day, be not obsessed with the unpleasant moments, transforming them to temporary inconvenience.

We add sports trainings

The program of weight loss for a month in house conditions has to include physical exercises. When the person makes any efforts, he spends energy, burning calories. Sports trainings strengthen muscles, at loss of weight skin will become elastic and tightened.

Important! Women at weight loss especially worry about sagging of a breast. That it did not happen, it is necessary to be wrung out from a floor – it will support and will strengthen both pectoral muscles, and the sagging muscles of hands. To facilitate exercise performance, it is possible to be wrung out from knees.

We are engaged at home

In the absence of an opportunity to be engaged in gym, it is possible to do various exercises in house conditions.

Let's consider some exercises, useful at dumping of weight:

  • Squats, perhaps, the most effective option how quickly to lose weight in house conditions and to get beautiful forms as involve not only foot muscles, but also muscles of a back and a press. Begin with small quantity, gradually increasing up to 30 times and adding weighting compounds (instead of dumbbells it is possible to apply bottles with water). When performing the back should be held directly, to squat smoothly.
  • Moves legs will help to get rid of excess fat weight on hips, their internal surface. Moves do of situation lying, one, and then other leg, also gradually increasing and trying to hold a leg at right angle.
  • Rope jumping is effective, at this exercise muscles work: sural, hips, press, buttocks, back and hands. There is enough 10 minutes a day, and all listed muscles will become elastic and tightened.
  • Exercises with hulakhupy. It is safely possible to call this type of occupations kardio as making efforts, we disperse blood on a body. Besides, muscles of a stomach, legs, buttocks, backs are involved. Exercise strengthens a backbone as at rotation of people caves in and, respectively, strains the muscles supporting a backbone column. Rotation of a hoop on a waist and hips considerably will improve a blood-groove in these areas that promotes destruction of cellulitis.

Whether you know? Rotation of a hoop – an entertainment not new. At excavation of ancient Egyptian burials near jewelry and various utensils the hardened hulakhupa were found. And one of the British museums contains a vase with the image of the Ancient Greek athlete with a hoop.

We visit the gym

Before visit of the gym and the beginning of trainings it is necessary to undergo inspection at the therapist, the cardiologist, perhaps the orthopedist if there are any diseases, especially in a chronic form. It is necessary to report about results to the instructor who based on conclusions of doctors, will pick up an optimum combination of exercises and their intensity.

All trainings should be begun with cardio-warm-up, muscles and joints need previously to be warmed to avoid injuries. About an hour is given to power trainings and at the end kardio again. It is always better to begin with the trainer, he will prompt what exercises will be more effective as it is correct to carry out them.

On how many it is possible to lose weight in a month?

According to the recommendations of World Health Organization optimum loss of weight without harm for health: for women about 2 kg, for men about 4 kg a month. Medics advise to dump no more than five percent from body weight (the initial weight means).

In this case the organism will not have a stress, slowly growing thin fats, but not water or muscle bulk, as will be burned at rapid weight loss. Besides, too fast loss of weight in short terms is fraught with its same rapid return.

Does not matter how many kilograms it is necessary to dump, approach it always it is necessary in a complex: food, mode and sport. It is desirable to visit the attending physician and the nutritionist before weight loss that will save you from possible mistakes, will give you necessary knowledge.

It is not less important to give itself an incentive why you need it. The accurate object set for itself will minimize desire to be given or break the set mode.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team