Whether it is possible to play sports when you support

Whether it is possible to play sports when you support

Rather long time doctors from around the world argued on that, bear advantage or harm to the sports organism during the disease. And today, if you ask about it different acquaintances, opinions will be shared. And, most likely, they will be directly caused by the lifestyle of that person which you address. Physicians by the present moment managed to agree and can give exact and definite answer.


1. Sports loadings, even the most insignificant, positively affect the organism. Healthy nutrition, the dream and fitness – here three whales on whom there is human health. Why then even at the small temperature recommend to abstain from exercise stresses? And at school, for example, exempt from physical education.

2. At the end of the twentieth century the scientists-physicians from North America aimed to make the experiment proving that sports exercises at cold not only won't do harm to the sick person, and on the contrary – will help the exhausted organism to overcome and win against the disease. During the research to volunteers through the nose the cold virus provoking the expected appearance of cold in them was entered. Later the certain period when the disease reached the maximum symptoms, the volunteers were sent to the racetrack. As a result it was by practical consideration proved that neither on functions of work of lungs, nor the disease affected in any way the general ability to transfer the organism power loadings.

3. It would seem, once it was delighted to optimistic result. But this experiment caused many critical remarks from which main thing was the fact that physicians used too weak virus – it practically doesn't cause complications. In reality on the supporting person the most various viruses "attack". Besides that they injure lungs and bronchial tubes, such viruses seriously influence the cardiovascular system. It turns out that at sports activities during, for example, flu, the person risks to face heavy loads of heart, overloading the myocardium. The disease provokes its inflammation, and the sport aggravates. Besides, any cold slows down anabolic processes in muscle tissues. Thus, physical exercises during the disease promote destruction of muscles. And the effect for the sake of which people usually also play sports won't be too.

4. Whether it is possible to play sports at the disease? Perhaps, no. At best you don't feel any positive effect from them. In the worst – aggravate the already unpleasant state. During cold all forces of the organism are directed to its speedy recovery, it shouldn't disturb, forcing to strain excessively. Have a rest several days of the house, let's the organism cope with the disease. Professional athletes will never begin to train patients, it is destiny of illiterate fans.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team