Whether it is possible to practice yoga at cold and cold"

Whether it is possible to practice yoga at cold and cold"

After violation of power balance in a human body the probability of viral diseases significantly increases. Cold always beats out from a normal rhythm of life therefore everyone looks for a way how to get rid of it for rather short period of time. Some take a pill, there are such which address experience of the previous generations and use recipes of traditional medicine, but very few people know that yogichesky practice has asanas by means of which it is possible to remove symptoms of cold in the arsenal and to help an organism to cope quicker with the attack of a virus.

As the yoga will help to cure cold

The yoga was considered initially as way for relaxation of a body and a control facility physiological processes of an organism therefore interests many beginners whether it is possible to practice yoga for disposal of cold.

Learn details of the technology of clarification of an organism by means of a kriya Shank Prakshalana.

The people practicing yoga know a way how to make so that the organism recovered from the seasonal attacks of harmful viruses without use of medicines. At the first cold snaps they begin to practice the turned poses. These asanas normalize immunity which will become protection for an organism against viruses.

It is known that the organism battles against viruses by means of leukocytes which are in a timus of a thorax. Proceeding from it, the turned asanas send leukocytes together with fresh blood to the area of a throat and head, giving relief. Thus, yoga — a suitable way to accelerate recovery and to remove unpleasant symptoms of cold.

Whether you know? Hindus consider that it is excessive to practice yoga every day. Only sick people can do it to accelerate recovery.

Recommendations about performance of exercises at cold

That in the period of a disease in addition not to do much harm, it is necessary to watch closely a condition of breath as it is the indicator which indicates the state of health.

At such state it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:

  1. It is impossible to be overstrained. Use no more than 60% of the power stock.
  2. Increase duration of breaks and extend time for performance of asanas.
  3. It is recommended to moisten a body systematically.
  4. At difficulty of breath give to an organism time to have a rest.
  5. In addition perform inhalations and sleep well.

Asanas at cold

In yogichesky practice large number of different asanas. Let's consider what are recommended to be carried out during cold for simplification of a state.

It is important! Remember that yoga — a condition of full comfort. Do nothing over force if it is necessary — have a rest. Only this way from occupations there will be an advantage.


The asana is one of the main exercises which each beginner has to be able to carry out to practice this doctrine. To its help there is a simplification of unpleasant states in a stomach.

Technology of performance:

  1. Get up directly.
  2. Begin to bend on an exhalation. Continue till the moment when hands clasp anklebones.
  3. Elbows part in the parties.
  4. In this situation remain for some time (up to 2 minutes).
  5. Breathe deeply.


By means of this pose it is possible to remove cough with ease and to gain other positive effect.

Learn how to treat throat diseases Simkhasana.

Performance process:

  1. Occupy a lotus pose. Palms are placed on a lap.
  2. Execute 5 full dykhaniye.
  3. Now on a breath open a breast, raising edges, at the same time shoulders move down, curving a back. The look is directed up. On an exhalation everything is made in an opposite order.

About 20 repetitions are recommended to carry out.

Bkhastrika: video


By means of this asana it is possible to clean lungs, to remove stress in a breast and to warm up a backbone.

Technology of execution:

  1. Sit down in a lotus pose.
  2. On a breath begin to throw back the head back, raising edges up, and shoulders direct down.
  3. On an exhalation take away shoulders back and bend elbows.
  4. Fade in the greatest possible pose for 40 seconds.
  5. Now smoothly waves begin to bend forward. Trying to get a floor thorax.

It is recommended to repeat exercise of 10 times.

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Adho Mukh Shvanasan

The asana placing heart is higher than the head, allows to improve a stream of a lymph and blood in a body. Besides this pose allows leukocytes to move more freely on an organism.

Technology of implementation:

  1. Have a body in a pose on all fours as though your extremities are table legs, and a body — a table-top.
  2. Now straighten legs and hands, pushing hips up, forming the turned V-shaped form with your body.
  3. Hands and legs have at shoulder length, and fingers direct directly.
  4. The neck is straightened so that the ear touched hand inside.
  5. Direct a view to area of a navel.


Exercise helps to open a thorax and to clean "passes" of an organism which blocking led to a disease.

Learn in what advantage and importance of the turned asanas.

Performance process:

  1. Being kneeling, legs together.
  2. Palms have on buttocks and begin to bend slowly back.
  3. In the maximum allowed pose fade, do a deep exhalation and place palms on heels. It is important to watch that hips were perpendicular to a floor.
  4. Squeeze buttocks and strain a back in a tailbone.
  5. Remain in this pose about 30 seconds. Keep usual breath.
  6. In end of a hand serially rearrange on hips, fall by a floor and relax.

Viparita Karani

The pose is ideal for fight against such manifestations of cold as headaches and problems with a back. Systematic practice will allow to strengthen an organism for fight against cold.

Whether you know? In a tantra it is specified to yoga that Viparit Karani's performance promotes disappearance of a gray hair and wrinkles, and those who will be able to be in this situation for 3 hours daily will win against death.

Technology of performance:

  1. Lay down on a floor a back near a wall so that legs reached a wall.
  2. Legs at right angle lean on a wall. You watch that they were not bent in knees.
  3. Under a basin stack the curtailed towel.

Initially it is necessary to remain in such pose not less than 2 minutes, gradually time is increased.

To Seth Bandhasana

The universal asana not only opens a thorax, directs blood to the head, but also helps to open sine. Besides activates timus which is a part of immunity.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to carry out similar poses in the presence of problems with a backbone or knees. It is in that case better to pick up less injury-causing asana.

Technology of performance:

  1. Lying on a back. Muscles have to be completely relaxed.
  2. Legs bend in knees, having placed feet at shoulder length. Heels have to be most close to hips.
  3. Hands have along a body palms down.
  4. On a breath begin to raise hips and round a backbone.
  5. In the maximum point are late for 30 seconds. It is deeply necessary to breathe and without delays.
  6. Lower upside-down from rise a back and hips on a floor and completely relax a body.

Sarvangasan's Salamba

One of the most difficult asanas in yoga. It is universal as it helps to carry out a detoxication, to strengthen immunity and to overcome cold.

Learn how to begin to practice house yoga from scratch.

Technology of performance:

  1. Lying on a back, legs are extended forward.
  2. Legs tighten to a breast, hands place along a body palms down. Take several deep breaths.
  3. Do a good exhalation and begin to raise slowly legs up, at the same time support a waist by hands. Elbows have to stand on a floor.
  4. Rise needs to be carried out until until shovels come off a floor and the thorax does not touch a chin.
  5. Palms have to be on a waist, and shoulders and the head to remain on a floor.
  6. In such position remain at least for 5 minutes. Further time can be increased till 1 o'clock.
  7. Upon completion of a leg lower for the head, and then begin slowly a vertebra behind a vertebra to lower a body on a floor.

Apparently from all above, the yogi — excellent means for fight against cold. A variety of exercises will allow to overcome a virus. In addition, many positions will help to restore health and beauty in general.

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