Whether it is worth playing sports during the disease

Whether it is worth playing sports during the disease

Very often it happens that sudden cold or flu force down the person in the rhythm of sports trainings. In such cases there is the disappointment and desire to be engaged further, however most of doctors agrees that trainings during viral diseases aren't useful and are even dangerous.

It is required to you

  • Consultation of the doctor


1. Respiratory viral diseases were and remain the most frequent disease happening to people: cold and flu. Despite the seeming safety of these diseases, it is recommended to stop during them all heavy exercise stresses (work or sports trainings). Flu and the SARS are characterized by high temperature, the ache and pains of the body and internals. The organism already feels huge loading (the increased temperature influences the condition of heart, vessels, internals) therefore its increase by physical exercises will exhaust the body even more. At any stage of flu the exercise stress should be reduced to the minimum, having excluded not only trainings, but also almost all physical activity. Otherwise, complications on heart, kidneys, lungs of which it will be more difficult to get rid, than of the most viral disease are possible.

2. Cold, by and large, doesn't bear dangerous consequences. It is possible to play sports at any stage of the disease if there is no temperature and unpleasant feelings in the body (except cold). Professional athletes have the principle of division: if the discomfort is felt above the neck, it is possible to be engaged if below – on all body – that it is worth stopping trainings before recovery.

3. You shouldn't forget that being engaged during epidemic in the gym, it is possible to infect other people as often gyms aren't aired after classes and the infection gets to the damp warm environment, comfortable for it.

4. At exacerbations of chronic diseases it is impossible to train categorically. Sports activities can aggravate problems with health at this time (especially business concerns pulmonary diseases and the cardiovascular system). It is necessary to wait for improvement of the condition of the organism and only then to begin classes in the principle "from small to big", gradually increasing load of the body. The same principles work at postoperative restoration (recovery time depends on complexity of operation, it is better to begin trainings after permission of the attending physician).

5. To begin to train after the postponed diseases better gradually, without doing sharp breakthroughs. After cold it is possible to begin trainings for 5-7 day of recovery, after flu it is better to have pins and needles 1-2 more weeks, it isn't less. At this time best everything to show physical activity in walks on foot, driving the bicycle, in quiet swimming. It isn't recommended at once to try "to overtake" for team mates.

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