Whether it is worth using the protein, the geyner

Whether it is worth using the protein, the geyner

Sports food is among the spheres which are followed by the huge number of stereotypes. Proteins, geyner and other additives from the point of view of the person, far from fitness, are considered as real "chemistry". To estimate advantage and need of their use, it is worth understanding heart of the matter.

The subject of sports food is followed by dozens of myths and delusions. Ardent opponents of fitness additives are sure that all this is chemistry, hormones and anabolic steroids. However similar absolute illiteracy also leads to the fact that trainings are inefficient: there pass months of intensive occupations, and the body, especially women's, remains friable and without relief. The thing is that during the power trainings you don't observe healthy nutrition, namely, the sufficient and balanced use of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Especially difficult the situation is with protein: to gain necessary day norm extremely difficult, and the lack of the protein has always an adverse effect on the condition of muscles. If the portion of proteins and carbohydrates within half an hour after the training doesn't come to the organism, you worked in vain. Muscles won't be able qualitatively to be restored and promote combustion of fat, the metabolism will slow down, forces will leave. To give to muscles necessary feed, you can resort to the help of sports cocktails - useful and safe.

One of popular beliefs: sports food promotes the impetuous growth of muscles. Actually, to receive serious muscle gain, the woman needs to train about 2 once a day with continuous increase in weight and also to eat huge portions of protein and carbohydrates. And even in this case the bodibildersky relief for which receiving it is necessary to meet dozen more of conditions and nuances isn't guaranteed. Proteins and geyner - only full-fledged additive which will help you to make trainings more productive.

The main component of these types of sports food - the serumal or soy protein which is acquired by the organism much better than usual vegetable and animal protein. Structure and prescribing of these additives various. In protein cocktail - the high content of protein and small percent of the carbohydrates and additives promoting assimilation of the product. Such means can replace full meal and also it is recommended for the use before and after the trainings. Protein cocktail helps to lose weight, to recover muscles, to adjust the metabolism and to adjust glucose level in blood after the training. As a part of geyner carbohydrates prevail, there are necessary fats, and the percent of protein content can vary from 20 to 30. Such cocktail will help to build up effectively muscle bulk, especially that to whom it is given with great difficulty.

Good proteins and geyner can't cost little. The low cost of the product - the occasion to prick up the ears.

Before using any given sports additive, sort out structure. The components are cleaner, the it is less in the sugar product - the better. Remember that the serumal protein is almost always better soy. Proteins and geyner, as a rule, have various tastes therefore analyze ingredients regarding individual intolerance.

The structure of the majority of sports protein cocktails almost doesn't differ from structure of cocktails for pregnant women. If waiting for the child you continue power trainings, proteinaceous additives will do good and to you, and future kid.

Sports cocktails aren't recommended to be drunk at breast feeding. There are opinions that the excess of protein can give excess load of kidneys of the kid. Besides, the number of ingredients of proteins and geyner it becomes frequent the cause of rashes at babies.

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