Whether Orthodoxy and yoga are compatible

Whether Orthodoxy and yoga are compatible

Every year the number of admirers of yoga constantly grows. It is loved not only for improving asanas, but also for philosophy which helps to look at the world under a new corner. There are people who ask a question of whether the yoga and Orthodoxy is compatible, or these are two parallel spheres which contradict each other.

It is impossible to tell definitely about how the church treats similar practicians therefore each patriarchy and even the priest can have the opinion in this respect. Most often representatives of orthodox belief are negative to these east practicians, reasoning it with communication with paganism.

From the point of view of priests, they can push the person on the way of delusion and to become the communication loss reason good luck. Most of all claims concern meditations which have nevertheless Hindu focus, and it is already absolutely other belief.

There are also more categorical believing people claiming that yoga — devilish religion as her adherents worship certain forces.

Finding out as Orthodoxy concerns east practicians, it is impossible to disregard also other excellent opinion. There are priests who claim that these spheres can complement each other in certain directions.

It concerns more church of new generation which keeps up to date and does not renounce something new and popular.

Whether you know? In translation from Sanskrit the word yoga designates the union, a unification and merge that as well as possible describes a main objective of practice.

It is necessary to pay attention also to such current as kundalini-yoga which becomes very popular. It means use of the different methods directed to disclosure of energy of a kundalina which concentrates at the backbone basis.

According to orthodox church if the person during a prayer feels something below heart, then it should be rejected as it from the Satan.

Concerning similarity or difference of religion and east the practician it is possible to argue very long. More refer to differences what during meditations of people does not aspire to God as during a prayer. Its forces will be directed to self-knowledge, but not to the Highest forces. At the same time, if to go deep into a question of whether Orthodoxy and yoga are compatible, it is possible to find several similar lines. For example, the main objective of religion is to develop spirituality of the person, same is the cornerstone also of classical yoga, just methods are for this purpose used different.

There is a lot of east the practician which in bigger or are to a lesser extent shown in the main religious directions: so, in Orthodoxy emphasis on Bhakti yoga (church services and a prayer) is placed, and also the karma yoga (toilers and novices) is still shown in it.

Important! It is worth noticing that among the numerous directions of yoga really there are practicians who it is possible to compare to sect if to read their basic rules. It is better for believer to refuse similar meditations.

One more moment on which it is worth stopping the attention — the used precepts.

  1. In this religion there are ten precepts which are regulators of life of the believing people. Though they also are available, to observe them very difficult. The Christianity forbids not to believe in God, to create to itself idols and it is vain to say a name of the Lord, and still it is necessary to remember the day off and to esteem the parents. Besides, refer the ban on theft, a lie, envy, adultery and murder to precepts.
  2. As well as in a case with Orthodoxy, east practice has ten rules among which five forbidden and as much ordering. They need to be observed to prevent leakage of energy.

Learn about advantage and contraindications of yoga for an organism and also, learn what directions in yoga happen and how to begin to practice house yoga.

If to analyze yoga precepts, then it is possible to find many similar lines: so, it is forbidden to do harm to others, to tell a lie, to be self-interested and to attach to itself something. Still practicing has to control himself, adhere to warm purity, accept everything that is given from above, to control the desires, to be devout and to carry out introspection.

  1. Practicians are tradition of other belief which differs from rules of orthodox belief.
  2. In yoga the repentance which is of great importance for orthodox believers as only through it there is redemption is not used.
  3. East practicians are selfish as are directed to self-knowledge, but not to knowledge of the Lord.

Priests are sure that regular meditations can become the reason that the person will turn away from God, concentrating more on own nature.

Whether you know? The yoga is practiced in Islam, but Muslims use it as gymnastics for physical development, and they do not study a mantra.

East practicians quickly extend on the world, enticing to themselves more and more people. Has to make the decision on the beginning of trainings of people independently, having estimated the existing pluses and minuses.

It is important to consider that occupations have a number of advantages, for example, they improve health, increase vitality and help to struggle with negative emotions and stresses. There are many modern orthodox believers who practice yoga, and it does not prevent them to trust in any way and to love God. Consider that contradictions exist exactly till that time while the person creates them in the head.

If serious contradictions torment, then it is possible to communicate to priests, having asked them the interesting questions. To people who have a certain internal fear the practician is better to refrain from similar and to choose for himself other option of physical activities which have no spiritual implication.

Practically all questions connected with religion are ambiguous and cause much controversy. It is possible to refer comparison to them east the practician and Orthodoxy. There are those who consider that it is the spheres contradicting each other, and there are also those who assure that the yoga in its initial sense is the cornerstone of Orthodoxy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team