Whether run is useful in the mornings

Whether run is useful in the mornings

Occupations run are considered as one of the most effective ways to lose weight, to tighten the figure and to strengthen the immune system. Not surprisingly, at the same time there is load practically of all bodies and muscles. And experts advise to run exactly in the morning, it is desirable till the breakfast.


1. It was proved that run brings more benefit in the mornings to those who fight against excess weight. At this time calories are burned much quicker, than in the evening or before going to bed. And it is the best of all to do it from 6 to 8 in the morning.

2. Morning jog helps to wake up and recover quicker, will mobilize forces and energy for the long working day. Besides, advantage of early run that air around less gas-polluted that is especially important in the large cities. And people who play sports or walk early in the morning, much less, than in the evening that allows to stay alone with itself.

3. Despite obvious advantage of run in the morning, it has opponents. It is considered that such vigor right after the dream affects negatively health and enters still the weakened organism into the condition of the stress. That is why it is worth listening to the feelings and to be guided only on the health. Those who easily gets up together with sunrise and is immediately received for the solution of different affairs should run in the morning as in the evening they already just won't have on it forces. And owls which activity begins only by the lunch shouldn't force the organism the early shake-up – in this case much more usefully and more effectively will do in the evening.

4. Anyway it is necessary to be engaged in run correctly. It is the for this purpose best of all to come for jog with the empty stomach, having drunk a little water with honey to increase sugar level in blood. Before beginning to run, important also to warm up the body and legs, having paid attention and to joints – it will allow to avoid stretchings and unpleasant feelings during sports activities.

5. It is better for beginners to begin with small distances, each time increasing the number of the overcome meters. However that run brought the maximum benefit to the figure and health, it is necessary to give it not less than 30 minutes. And the bigger effect will be brought by jog on the cross-country terrain or alternation of the trot with high-speed runnings.

6. After morning jog it is useful to eat the food rich with complex carbohydrates. Muesli will be the great option for the breakfast, for example. They long enough are digested, leaving feeling of satiety and giving the charge necessary in the afternoon of energy. And it is better to give preference to proteinaceous products, for example, to light meat or seafood in the evening. If you managed to have supper before jog, and after getting all the same hungry, it is possible to eat a little cottage cheese.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team