Whether swing a press of a belt and "butterfly"?"

Whether swing a press of a belt and "butterfly"?"

Each person dreams to have an elastic beautiful press, without making for it special efforts. A belt for pumping of a press — an alternative to physical activities in case there is not enough time for sports activities. As the electrostimulator of muscles of a stomach as far as it is effective for treatment or correction of a figure works — we will consider in this article.

Belt for a press

Electronic exercise machines for inflating of muscles of a stomach promote removal of liquid from an organism, creating a vacuum and strengthening sweating thanks to temperature increase of a body. Thus, the belt promotes correction of a figure in the field of its carrying.

There are several types of electrostimulators of the muscles of a press various on the action:

  • Made of a neoprene (synthetic rubber) — thanks to a dense adherence, the belt fixes joints of a backbone and protects it from injuries, at the same time without limiting mobility of muscles. It is used during physical exercises, has effect of micromassage and restores elasticity of skin. More than 2 hours are desirable not to wear a neoprene belt.
  • Belts saunas — do not demand physical activity as they heat a body by means of the built-in sensors to 40-60 °C. Time of influence of the electronic exercise machine needs to be raised gradually, beginning of 15 minutes and increasing about the maximum 50 minutes for 1 session.
  • The vibrobelt with effect of massage — pointwise influences skin and muscles, strengthening and reducing a blood-groove, improving work of a limfoottok. Has several operating modes. The effect is reached in case of daily application 15-30 minutes.
  • Miostimulyator — influences problem parts of the body by means of current impulses with a different frequency and duration, intensifying blood circulation and accelerating a limfoottok. The belt helps to prepare unexercised weak muscles for physical activities. A usage time — up to 10 minutes for 1 session.

How it works or what is an elektromiostimulyation?

Training EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation or elektromiostimulyation) is reduction of muscles by means of the device sending electrosignals through electrodes which are fixed on skin of problem parts of the body.

Important! Electronic belts use in a complex with physical activities and diets for weight loss of a stomach and other problem parts of a body.

The effect is had thanks to:

  • to toning of muscles;
  • to blood circulation improvement;
  • optimization of exchange processes of an organism;
  • stimulations of process of splitting of fat cages;
  • circulation of liquid in an organism;
  • to improvement of structure of integuments.

Whether you know? Initially miostimulyator were used for a training of astronauts in weightlessness state, supporting a healthy tone of their muscle bulk. Later exercise machines began to apply in hospitals as recovery of activity of muscles at lying patients. Then in cosmetology began to use electrostimulators as means for weight loss.

Use of exercise machines

The purpose of use of electronic exercise machines can be treatment-and-prophylactic or esthetic. It is possible to select a miostimulyator depending on desirable result according to such signs:

  • different combinations of frequency of the sent impulse and its duration;
  • the number of channels for giving of signals;
  • size of electrodes.

For treatment

It is impossible to call electroexercise machines medicine, however it is necessary to consider that their work can lead to some positive changes in a human body:

  • stimulation of work of internals;
  • blood circulation improvement;
  • removal of toxins and slags from an organism;
  • general improvement of a condition of an organism;
  • izlechivaniye of scoliosis, osteochondrosis;
  • prevention and treatment of enuresis;
  • restoration of an organism after traumatized;
  • removal of myalgias.

For an ideal body

In spite of the fact that about a belt for a training of muscles of a press not always leave flatter comments, in a complex with physical exercises it yields noticeable results in transformation of a body:

  • improves figure outlines;
  • increases turgor of skin, improves its color;
  • removes symptoms of cellulitis;
  • promotes weight reduction;
  • provides a uniform prokachivaniye of muscle fibers, increasing their weight.


Though EMS is positioned as means for weight loss, many fitness athletes claim that it is deception.

Learn what represents bezglyutenovy and ketogene diets and also study features of a diet of Dyukan.

Without physical exercises and healthy nutrition the effect of the electroexercise machine is equal in disposal of fat folds to zero.

Important! Upon purchase of a belt for weight loss it is necessary to remember possible shortcomings of the device and its contraindications.

It is possible to carry to shortcomings:

  • frequent breakages of low-quality exercise machines which have no stated effect;
  • at the wrong application, exacerbations of chronic diseases are possible;
  • at non-compliance with time of holding a procedure or increase in frequency of impulses it is possible to get skin burns;
  • covers small parts of the body, excepting a possibility of a training of all groups of muscles, as during sports activities.

Whether you know? The founder of electrophysiology Italian Luigi Galvani the first investigated the electrophenomena at reduction of muscles in the 17th century. Later in the 19th century was the ideal proportion between the current and time of course of an impulse is defined. The first EMS was made in 1960 and had the name "Incentive-1". 10 years later exercise machines began to use actively in the medical purposes.

Treat contraindications of electrostimulation of muscles:

  • diseases of blood, vessels and heart;
  • pregnancy and period of a lactation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • liver or renal failure;
  • kidney and bilious concrements;
  • arthritises;
  • skin diseases;
  • tuberculosis and other sharp infectious diseases;
  • existence of an electrocardiostimulator;
  • epilepsy and other nervous diseases;
  • varicosity, thrombophlebitis.

Important! Low-calorie food with inclusion in a diet of vegetables, low-fat dairy products, low-fat meat, fish, eggs and wholegrain products will help to get rid of excess fat deposits in a stomach. In a complex with regular physical activities (not less than an hour a day), such diet will allow to create a beautiful figure in a waist.

Let's sum up the result

Generalizing information on whether the belt for weight loss and inflating of muscles of a press helps, it is necessary to tell that this exercise machine is really effective. However it is necessary to remember that stimulators do not bring due result without any additional loadings, or bring the professional exercise machines installed, as a rule, in beauty shops, medical or specialized sports facilities.

We advise to learn how to keep results after weight loss.

House EMS promote improvement of a condition of skin, reduce cellulitis and take off fatigue of muscles, being fine addition and warm-up before physical activities.

In a complex with sports exercises and a diet the miostimulyator perfectly cope with elimination of flabbiness of muscles at intensive loss of weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team