Whether swing of muscles affects human height

Whether swing of muscles affects human height

Many doctors, athletes and coaches note negative impact of strength sports – bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, the power extreme – on human height. Especially at the age of 14-18 years. However in this respect there is also the alternative opinion.

Occupations strength sports slow down human height, and in some cases cause its decrease. For this reason for young people aged up to 18 years it isn't recommended to be engaged with burdenings, it is necessary to place emphasis on exercises with the body weight of the body.

The first reason of negative impact is that the proteins coming to the organism, amino acids and other nutrients begin to be spent for increase in muscle bulk and development of the shirokokostny skeleton necessary for maintenance of big body weight. In other words, the body of the athlete begins to grow in width, but not in height. The fact that many bodybuilders eat defectively aggravates the problem, in their diet there isn't enough enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Simple increase in amount of the consumed food doesn't correct this shortcoming.

The second reason – tightening of vertebras when performing squats with the post, rises of burdenings and other exercises. This factor causes reduction of natural human height. For example, the series of heavy squats or stanovy drafts temporarily reduce growth by 1-2 cm due to compression of intervertebral disks. To avoid negative impact of weights on the backbone doctors recommend to perform the stretching exercises for the back, but do their units. Besides, slows down various injuries and the rachiocampsis which are shown at the incorrect technique of performance of exercises and even stops natural process of growth. The third reason – the anabolic steroids which are used many athletes often cause hormonal failures. And though it isn't proved, failures can have negative effect on growth of the athlete.

On the other hand, the people in love with sport, as a rule, have no addictions, lead the healthy lifestyle, watch food. All these factors very positively influence growth. Some body builders specially perform various exercises stimulating increase in growth. Among such exercises – different pulling of the backbone, jog and swimming. The important factor is the use of the increased amount of vitamins and minerals. There are many examples when the famous bodybuilders increased the growth in the years of intensive trainings. And among body builders with the name there are also tall representatives – Lu Ferrinyo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Robinson.

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