Whether the gymnastics before and after the dream is necessary

Whether the gymnastics before and after the dream is necessary

When the person wakes up, he feels some slackness, constraint of movements and weight in extremities. It is result of decrease in activity of cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems during sleep.


1. How quicker to shake from itself the remains of the dream and again to become vigorous? The morning exercises — here that simple, but really wonderful substance which allows to join quicker in the rhythm of day life and to receive physical exercises of cheerfulness for the whole day. Occupations morning exercises considerably speed up pulse, increase the maximum blood pressure by 5-20 millimeters, increase amount of the oxygen absorbed by the organism by 10-30 percent.

2. At those who regularly do morning exercises the vital capacity of lungs, breath depth increases, arterial blood pressure goes down, the muscular system evenly develops, the correct posture is developed. The morning exercises adjust the organism on new, more intensive rhythm of activity and work.

3. Whether the gymnastics before going to bed is necessary? The organism tired during the day of work needs rest. It has to be prepared for the lowered tone during sleep. Unless it is expedient to encourage the organism, to artificially raise intensity of all physiological processes before going to bed, before rest, long, so important and so necessary for the organism? If to practice not morning, but evening gymnastics moreover to accompany it with cold douches and rubdowns, then it can lead to the fact that the dream will become uneasy.

4. So, it is obvious that the morning exercises have to be morning. Small walk in the fresh air, 1-2 breathing exercises — so-called "discharge", sometimes the heat bath or the same shower are before going to bed desirable. It is necessary to air the room and to go to bed whenever possible always in one - and the same time. Then all conditions for the sound, grateful sleep will be created.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team