Whether the yogi has to be the vegetarian?

Whether the yogi has to be the vegetarian?

Now such point of view is widespread that in order that "to be considered as the yogi", it is necessary to refuse meat. As far as this statement is right? Let's look into it.

On the first the place in yoga there is freedom! Freedom from everything! What does it mean? That as the system of self-knowledge doesn't demand any strict instructions and rules of the yogi from the adherents. Moreover, as it is told in yoga if something limits your freedom, then it is necessary to reject it. Even if it is yoga. So that's that! Respectively, the point of view that, without having begun to eat only vegetarian food, you won't become the yogi and you won't benefit from yoga, it is wrong.

Let's address the most important principles which characterize yoga. The first principle says to us that it is necessary to try not to do harm to any living being in every way. Whether one it is already the ban to eat flesh of the killed of animals? No, isn't. Because if we look more deeply, then we will see that often production of vegetarian food which gets on our table results in bigger quantity of death and sufferings of living beings than if it was just meat. It is not the absolute truth. It is only information to reflection. Situations are different therefore the first principle can't be applied unambiguously in favor of vegetarianism here. Your situation is unique and only to you to decide how to arrive, than to eat.

The second principle says about that we at decision-making, were guided by common sense, that is thought of how it is better to arrive in each specific situation. If, having eaten dense meat food, we feel weight, we feel loss of energy and not desire something to do, then more lung is better to make the choice for something. It, as a rule, will be vegetables or fruit. And happens so that the psychological dependence on meat food is so high that it is better to eat that you want, but not to suffer. And not to torment people around because the mood at mentally angry person leaves much to be desired!

In yoga the harmony is very important! And it is impossible to call sharp change of the lifestyle harmonious well in any way! If we decided that we want to practice yoga, then we begin to be engaged such what we are at present. Over time desire of heavy food to be reduced. But from habits quickly and without serious consequences not to get rid. It takes time! Practice of yoga to us will help to become more vigorous and cheerful. And, perhaps, our food allowance to change very naturally!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team