Who the best boxer in the world

Who the best boxer in the world

It is impossible to call the world's best boxer. It is impossible to compare representatives of various decades and weight categories. It is only possible to allocate the number of the most outstanding athletes personifying the whole era.

Precisely it is impossible to answer the question of the one who is the strongest boxer. Unfortunately, the mankind has no chance to expose on Muhammad Ali and Tyson's fight, for example, as they fought in different eras. Besides, it is impossible to compare Oscar de la Hoillu to heavyweights, so at he acted in other weight category.

In the world of boxing everything is relative, however there are certain facts saying that there are fighters, worthy every possible respect and honor. The best boxers for the last hundred years are given below if to consider statistics of their fights and duration of performances on the ring.

Muhammad Ali

This great boxer for some is the example for imitation. He always said that it is necessary to flit as the butterfly, and to sting as the bee. On Ali's ring confirmed the statement with business, destroying opponents. For the sports career the boxer gained 56 victories at 5 defeats. By the way, political struggle in the USA as in young years Muhammad Ali began to wage open war against oppression in the USA of natives of other countries and continents also is connected with his name. As a result the victory appeared on its party.

Joe Luiz

The great boxer whose fights blew the mind more half a century back. For the career he could win against 66 times at 3 defeats. Joe Luiz – the real symbol of America of the fortieth years. It had the fine technology of fight. It allowed to act on the ring even at the retirement age, striking opponents.

Shugar Ray Leonard

It is considered that after leaving Muhammad Ali's boxing Leonard could hold spectator interest in the sport. He was even called "The boxer of decade" of the 80th years of the last century. Shugar Ray was distinguished by attractive appearance, charm, ability to communicate with people. For the boxer it is extremely rare qualities. For career gained 36 victories, lost three times and one fight drew.

Carlos Monzon

Has the longest series from victories which it is very difficult to beat – more than 60 times. The native of Argentina could gain for career 87 victories, at 3 defeats. And here draws at it even 9. He died in road accident right after went out of prison where he spent 11 years.

Marvin Hetler

Dominated on average weight. Gained 62 victories, having lost three times and having twice completed one fight of the draw. Differed in persistence and aspiration to restore justice by fair means.

Roy Jones Jr.

The most popular boxer at the time. He boxed in four weight categories at once, gradually gaining weight as to fight with opponents was uninteresting – too surpassed all in force. For career gained 55 victories, having lost 8 fights. He managed to become for the first time in the history of world boxing the winner and on average, and in heavy weight. On the ring it was played with the opponent, bringing it to the condition of the knock-down, but giving the chance to return to fight. Always differed in great reaction and endurance. Could in three hours before fight play basketball for professional team, and then box 12 rounds. In the nineties the last century admitted "The boxer of decade".

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