Why children need to play sports

Why children need to play sports

Presently many factors constitute health hazard of children. Every year there are new types of viruses and bacteria, provocative various diseases about which earlier nobody heard. Put serious pressure upon mentality of the child at school. Plus to everything, also the bad ecology does the dirty deed. We can't change some problems, but health of our children in our hands.

Why to children the sport is important?

Strengthens immunity. During exercises, hazardous substances are removed from the organism, breath becomes more frequent, cages are saturated with oxygen and also the blood circulation time increases that allows immune cages to react quicker on causative agents of diseases.

Lightens the mood. At physical activity in the organism hormone — endorphin is produced. It is also called happiness hormone. It allows to overcome negative emotions, gives feeling of ease and lucidity of mind.

Cultivates necessary traits of character. The sport helps children to develop at itself commitment, responsibility, self-control and will – the qualities important at any age.

What needs to be considered?

Parents need to treat seriously the choice of sport for the child. First of all, it is necessary to consider its physical data: whether this sport will do good or will do much harm to the child.

It is useful to take chronic diseases which, perhaps, future athlete has in attention. For example, if he has short-sightedness, then the tennis will hardly suit him, and the track and field athletics can lead to deplorable consequences if there are heart troubles.

Also, it is important to consider desire and character of the child, his ability. Whether he will be well in harmony with team or it is easier for him when it is one.

What are options? Where to give children and at what age?

Children of 8–11 years will suit those sections which will allow to gather speed, reaction and coordination. Of 11–13 years – force and endurance. And the most small children, of 3–5 years, can be accustomed to what contributes to the general development of the organism. For example, swimming, gymnastics and track and field athletics enter here. It is necessary to remember that the professional sport not always affects positively health, and often, only harms.

What can draw the conclusion?

The sport is necessary for our children. Moderate and regular physical trainings improve health, help to think better and develop high qualities. But that the child fell in love with sport, parents need to set in it the good example.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team