Why it is worth practicing yoga

Why it is worth practicing yoga

The sedentary life and environmental problems more often induce people to watch diligently over the health, and the Internet gives the chance to scoop unlimited number of information on all current trends. Here and the ancient east art of yoga which came to us from India gains the increasing popularity.

The yoga is not just the set of the exercises directed to improvement of the extension and maintenance of the organism in the tone. It is one of the systems of the Indian philosophy, the lifestyle directed to self-knowledge and achievement of the enlightenment.

If to treat yoga, only as the set of exercises and poses (in yoga they are called asanas), then it will become just gymnastics which will allow you to improve health and the figure and also to improve work of internals. After the first two-three months regular the practician you will notice significant changes to the best.

 Regular trainings by yoga can help to cope not only with the majority of chronic diseases, but also will fill you with vital energy and it will be much easier for you to cope with the stress.

 The yoga is good the fact that for occupations you don't need special equipment. Free enough a little space and gymnastic rug. Therefore everyone can practice yoga.

 However the optimal condition for occupations yoga is the silence. It will allow you to focus on the feelings and to concentrate as much as possible.

 Don't try to receive difficult asanas at once. Begin gradually. Without anguish. If you feel discomfort, perform exercise not up to the end better. Gradually the body will accustom and at you everything will turn out. Gradually you pass to more difficult. Let's remind, you shouldn't feel absolutely any discomfort. All asanas have to be bilateral. If the pose is asymmetric, then at first make on one party, then on another.

 Very important for occupations yoga the correct breath: breath, delay, exhalation. If your breath wrong, muscles strain breakthroughs and you won't manage to reach positive effect from occupations.

 It isn't necessary to start exercises on the full stomach. It is worth refraining from occupations at least 2 hours after the meal.

 Try to be engaged at the same time. Excellent help for occupations yoga is meditation, that is ability to concentrate in itself.

 The yoga – perfectly will suit those who seek to be healthy, successful and quiet. It will help you to understand itself and to cope with many vital disorders which are found in your life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team