Why muscles after the training hurt

Why muscles after the training hurt

Muscular pains after the training are characteristic not only of beginners. Professionals are also hurt by muscles, they periodically raise load of them. Not all know about the causes of muscular pain and mechanisms of its emergence.

Constructive muscular pain after the training

Many consider muscular pain after the training good sign, equate degree of intensity of pain to degree of efficiency of the training. However, pain after the training is different. It is very important to distinguish constructive from destructive.

Pain after the training is called late. It is shown next day after the occupation and ceases within several days. Atypical load of muscle tissue is the reason of its emergence owing to what in it there are microinjuries.

Such small gaps provoke the organism to start active recovery processes. There is the synthesis of protein and emission of the corresponding hormones therefore muscle growth begins. Muscle growth is also the aim which is pursued by engaged. Beginners will have very intensive overdue pain at first, then there will be some adaptation. Professionals at observance of the standard program of exercises have insignificant overdue muscular pains. Only cardinal change of the program of trainings is capable to strengthen it.

When muscular pain indicates the illiterate training

Against the background of post-training pains it is possible not to notice the real trauma. Sharp throbbing pains, the crunch and slap shots are bad signals. If there are the tumor or the hematoma, it can indicate the serious damage rate. Serious injuries occur as a result of the incorrect technique of performance of exercises, lack of warm-up before the heaviest part of the training. To avoid it, at the beginning surely consult with the professional coach. The coach will help you to make the individual program, will pick up admissible weight. He will check your technology of performance and will make necessary amendments. Also he will teach to warm competently muscles before the main part of the training. Many people face constant post-training pain, in this case it is necessary to reconsider the training mode. It is worth knowing that recovery time at different groups of muscles the miscellaneous. Prelum abdominale muscles are most quicker recovered, they can be loaded though every day. Other muscles aren't so unpretentious. Recovery of muscles of shoulders, backs, hands, hips, buttocks demands at least three days. If not to carry the training in time, engaged will get ongoing traumatization. Such conditions can't positively affect muscle growth. The best exit will train each group of muscles separately time in 4-5 days.

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