Why the defense in chess is called sitsiliansky

Why the defense in chess is called sitsiliansky

Not so many games can brag of more ancient origin, than chess – they was known from sixth century AD. The Arab East, Asia, Byzantium, Europe, Africa – people of all countries and nationalities with interest got acquainted with rules of the game in which there are a lot of subtleties.

In chess it is accepted to distinguish the debut – the beginning of the game, mittelshpil – the middle and the end-game – the termination. At each stage there are many options of development and the end of the game, and not in human forces to count all positions of figures on the board. And the game becomes more interesting to those, than it is more in it than uncertainty. Various debuts even have own names, for example, the sitsiliansky defense.

Defense in honor of the Sicilian

A little strange, but for the first time the mention of the sitsiliansky defense is given in the book not sitsilianets at all. In 1497 the certain Luís Ramires Lusena, the native of Spain and the master in chess, wrote the book "Repetition of Love and Art of the Chess Game".

Spaniards made for chess very little, but the Spaniard possesses the description of the sitsiliansky defense first in the history.

This work consists of two parts, first of which has no relation to chess. But in the second detailed rules of the game with analysis of eleven debuts and also the description of 150 tasks collected by the author during life are given. It is remarkable that this work is the first printing guide to chess. The book appeared small circulation and had no significant effect on development of the game.

Italy – the country of the sun and strong players

And only at the beginning of the seventeenth century the strongest player, the bright representative of the Italian chess school, Gioachino Greco was born. He was born in Calabria and got the corresponding nickname – the Calabrian. A lot of things were made by Greco for promoting of the game, going on tour at the Royal Courts of Spain, England and France. Besides, Gioachino was marked out and as the author of hand-written works about chess where commented on several hundreds of parties. In particular, made analyses of such debuts as royal gambit and Italian party. In the game differed in the strong pressure, ability to sacrifice pieces for the sake of the prize on time to mobilize forces and to organize the attack on the enemy king. In the last years of life consisted at the Madrid yard of the king Philip IV. In his honor also was the debut – the sitsiliansky defense is called. The role of the master is so huge that in his honor the chess federation even founded the medal of Greco. By the way, among the first winners there was also our compatriot, M. Botvinnik.

Defense essence

The debut in classical performance begins as e2-e4 s7-s5. At the heart of further development there are asymmetric positions, versatile castlings, bitter tactical struggle.

Sitsiliansky defense will suit you if you prefer the energetic style of the game.

Usually sitsiliansky defense is applied by those players who prefer rapid development, are ready to do the skillful victims and to quickly win advantage. Distinguish the open, half-open and closed sitsiliansky defense.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team