Why the stomach grows

Why the stomach grows

All want to be in good shape, harmonious and beautiful. Only more often the growing stomach becomes the main problem on the way to the magnificent figure. But if emergence of the fat on the waist isn't caused by endocrine fouls, then your chance – sport and healthy nutrition.

The elastic and accurate tummy always causes feeling of envy and admiration while its growth of most of people is capable to cause considerable concern. Though here everything is simple: if you have no hormonal fouls, increase in the stomach, most likely, is caused by banal overeating and the lack of physical activity.

Lack of physical activity

The less people move, the fat weight is gained quicker. And the it becomes heavier, the it is more difficult to undertake itself. Especially the least active parts of the body suffer at the same time. And even if the person eats normally, the inactive lifestyle can promote weakening of muscles and fat congestions. Especially it is noticeable at drivers who constantly are in the same pose.

Physical and spiritual relaxation – the main reasons for growth of the stomach.

Exit in such situation - to swing the press. For a start it is possible to begin at least with simple exercises on direct and oblique muscles of the stomach. Exercises for muscles zhivota1. Lay down on the back. Slowly raise on small distance from the floor straight legs. Stretch to socks hands, and remain for 30 seconds in this situation. Don't tear off from the floor of the shovel and the waist. 2. Lying on the back, bend legs and put them on the chair or the seat of the sofa, having close moved up buttocks. Pressing to the waist floor, the muscle tension of the press tear off shoulders and the head from the floor. Be late in this situation for 3 seconds. 3. Lying on the back, bend in leg knees, without tearing off them from the floor. Close hands on the nape and raise shoulders and the head from the floor. Attract the bent left leg to the body, and the elbow of the right hand reach the knee of the left leg. Then you change the hand and the leg. Each exercise is performed on 10 times. As a rule, only swing of the press isn't enough. To get rid of the excess weight and fat, aerobic loadings and power trainings are necessary. Run - on the street or the racetrack, squat, be wrung out - and you will notice soon that from your tummy there is no trace left also.


Maintenance of health and forces requires not enough food. At the use of large portions of food and constant having a snack the stomach stretches, and its saturation requires more and more food each time. And, the more you eat, the line of feeling of satiety is farther. You can just try not to eat at least day - the stomach will be reduced, and next day you will see that food you need much less.

Frequent consumption of beer promotes growth of the stomach not less, than lying on the sofa and junk food.

Everything that the person eats much, is postponed on parts of the body which move least of all, and the stomach is one of them. And the more the stomach grows, the less you move to waists. As a result of the muscle become flabby, and aren't capable to support the tone. Therefore the healthy nutrition and obligatory fitness classes will help you and to tighten your muscles and to burn unnecessary fat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team