Workout: program of trainings for beginners, effective exercises

Workout: program of trainings for beginners, effective exercises

Occupations in gym are always considerable expenses of money and time. Not each person is able to afford to pay the subscription on trainings, especially if he is young and has no good highly paid work yet.

In the review it will be a question of not expensive and effective way to support the body in shape — the street workout.

What is workout?

The street workout (from English literally — a street training) is considered amateur sport and sports subculture today.

Vorkautera (or turnikmena) static and gymnastic exercises carry out, using the weight of own body and adaptation placed on open sports grounds — for example, horizontal bars, ladders, bars.

All movements used in such sport are intended to develop force and endurance of a body, to tighten and give a beautiful relief to muscles.

Street trainings gained special popularity from young people in the Post-Soviet countries, east part of Europe, the USA. Information on trainings of vorkauter began to extend when gadgets and global network since the beginning of the 2000th were available to youth.

The first videos with trainings and lessons were published by the American school students. Thus, the popularity of workout began to grow in the world, and the number of street platforms — to increase. Since 2010th years, also competitions are organized.

Whether you know? The world record on pulling up on a horizontal bar for 60 with belongs to American Michael Eckert. In 2015 he was brought up 50 times.

Vorkautera are engaged not only on the equipped platforms, but also beyond their limits (for example, at stops, in transport, supermarkets, in parks, in squares). Such style received the name ghetto workout.


It is possible to carry to advantages of the workout system:

  • development of a beautiful, slender, sound body without additional kapitalozatrat;
  • possibility of occupations at any convenient time irrespective of physical training;
  • use of any improvised devices as exercise machines (whether it be shop, hanger, fence);
  • the lack of need for training and the trainer — practically all movements can be mastered, reconsidering technology of their performance in network;
  • holding trainings in the fresh air;
  • positive influence on body weight;
  • implementation of load of the main groups of muscles of the top and average half of a body;
  • the universality — is suitable for women and men, people of different age;
  • stress relief, raising of mood, acquaintance and communication with interesting people;
  • an opportunity to learn to execute difficult acrobatic tricks and to believe in itself and the forces;
  • an opportunity to participate in competitions.

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Those who are familiar with workout for a long time, note only positive sides.

And nevertheless some distinguish from shortcomings:

  • impossibility of trainings in bad weather and too cold season;
  • small or at all zero load of legs and buttocks;
  • modular platforms much more expensive welded designs.


It is contraindicated to categories of persons to do street gymnastics it:

  • having problems with a backbone and the musculoskeletal device;
  • the patient with catarrhal diseases with a pronounced temperature (temporarily);
  • got injured on bones (temporarily);
  • the suffering obesity.

Important! In the presence of a serious disease before the occupations it is necessary to consult with the doctor who can provide recommendations about an occasion of that, what sort exercises it is possible to do and what — is not present.

Comparison with other directions of fitness

Workout has much in common with other fitness directions. The table of its comparison with bodybuilding and crossfity is given below.

Fitness direction

Frequency of occupations

Influence on a body


Risk of getting injured


Strict system periodization of trainings

At correctly made program — harmonious development of all muscles, support of optimum body weight. Accent — on power endurance.

Average. Need for training in the equipment and trainer's control

Low (at control of the trainer and the correct performance of movements)


Is established by the trainer depending on the purpose, physical training and health of a crossfiter

Harmonious development of all muscles, support of optimum body weight. Accent — on development of functional force.

Average. Need for trainer's control



Depends on opportunities and desire of the street gymnast

Some muscles are not involved at trainings therefore there is their lag. Accent — by the explosive force and endurance.

It is available to all


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Types of trainings

There are several types of trainings on the street workout. Here examples of some from them:

  1. For beginners. Calculated on 30 weeks. Includes pullings up, push-ups on bars and twisting for a press on 5 approaches with the subsequent daily increase in number of pullings up at 2 repetitions. In each approach — the greatest possible number of repetitions.
  2. Easy level. A training condition — to make in total 100-150 push-ups and pullings up for any number of approaches.
  3. Average level. To make the greatest possible number of repetitions of push-ups and pullings up in a definite time — 3 minutes.
  4. Difficult level. Except usual pullings up and push-ups to enter into the program of pulling up by one hand — 5 times, the Lowering element — 6 times, pullings up by one hand from taken away for a back another — on 5 on each hand.

During street fitness, rukokhoda, bars, horizontal bars, the Swedish wall, benches are used. Adherents of a ghetto style involve shops, protections, ladders, borders, road columns, traffic lights, cars.

Basic rules of occupations

If you lit up the idea to be engaged in street trainings, then it is necessary to follow some rules strictly:

  1. For a start it is worth mastering and perfecting technology of basic movements: push-ups from a floor, pullings up, swings of a press.
  2. To pass to execution of more difficult elements after by means of general exercises it was succeeded to develop a press, bicepses and tricepses, to strengthen a backbone.
  3. It is correct to begin a training after short (5 minutes) warm-up during which muscles are warmed (it will allow to avoid injuries).
  4. For achievement of desirable effect of a training it is necessary to carry out regularly.
  5. Performance of one exercise should be broken into several approaches — usually 3-4.
  6. It is necessary to come to a training later 2 h after meal.
  7. It is desirable to carry out daily trainings approximately at the same time.

General exercises for beginners

For those whom the question interests what to begin studying workout with, it will be useful to master the simplest exercises for beginners. To it rank visa and pullings up on a level, using 2 and 1 hand, expansion on a level, twisting on a press, squats, push-ups. They will need to be done within a week (sometimes and 10 days). Then it is necessary to complicate the program a little. The detailed description of the technology of performance of the best basic movements is given below.


This quite difficult static exercise which cannot be executed from scratch. For its performance it is necessary to train long time and to have strong hands, shoulders, strong razgibatel of a backbone and a muscle of a press.

Quicker to master Horizon, it is necessary to carry out previously so-called bringing movements. They will allow to develop those groups of muscles which participate in performance of this exercise and also to prepare a body for more serious physical activity.

Push-ups with the hands located around a belt concern them; a handstand at a belt with an emphasis feet in a wall; a rack with legs on a sublime surface; Bakasana, Frog.

Important! Skilled vorkauter advise to pass to performance of Horizon when with ease for one approach 20 pullings up, 50 push-ups on a floor and 30 push-ups on bars, 5 push-ups in a rack at a wall are given.

It is possible to do this movement on a floor, on any support (fence, a bench), on bars, a horizontal bar. Sharpening of the equipment is recommended on a horizontal surface. Easier long time to stand in exercise with widely placed legs. Horizon as follows is carried out:

  1. To carry out an emphasis on hands with the bent knees in air.
  2. To slowly level a body in a straight line, having widely placed legs.
  3. To hold a pose as long as possible.

There is one more option:

  1. To rise in a standing position on hands without support.
  2. Having given a breast forward and having bent wrists, to slowly lower legs and the case. To accept horizontal position.

Thanks to performance of this exercise practically all muscular complex becomes stronger, coordination of movements, sense of equilibrium develops.


One more power static exercise which strikes many with the staginess.

Technology of its performance is as follows:

  1. To clasp with palms a support versatile hold.
  2. Having made a start from the earth legs, to carry out raising of a trunk to situation parallel to a floor.
  3. To hold on in such situation as long as possible.

Before starting performance of this difficult exercise it is necessary to perfect the bringing movements: push-ups on bars with the emphasis on the bent hands (10 approaches on 15 repetitions); pullings up on a horizontal bar with an institution of legs for the head and leading to a chin (5-10 approaches on 15 repetitions); Tag with zakinuty upside down.

When performing Tag the press and oblique muscles of a stomach, a triceps, a humeral belt and muscles of a back are loaded. The turnikmen which without effort for one approach does the following standards can pass to these elements: 25 pullings up, 20 push-ups, standing on hands at a vertical surface, 15 raising of the straightened lower extremities to a crossbeam. In workout several variations of this exercise are applied. Pullings up are considered as the most difficult.

Whether you know? The world record on duration of deduction of Tag was set by the Chinese, the participant of the Olympic Games of Wang Zhonghua in 2011. It detained a body in an element on 65.7 pages. Most of all pullings up in Tag — 29 — were carried out by Kazakh Islam Badurgov.

Exit of the prince

Dynamic exercise which is done as follows:

  1. To clasp a crossbeam with one palm from above, another — from below.
  2. To carry out full hung on a crossbeam.
  3. To kick the bucket between hands.
  4. To remove over a crossbeam at first the main hand, and then another.
  5. To carry out the Tag element on the main extremity.
  6. To hold a position of 1-2 pages.
  7. To change hold of the second extremity.
  8. To carry out a full exit.

Performance of An exit of the prince will require preliminary work with hands and shoulders.


Despite the seeming complexity, this beautiful static element becomes easily:

  1. To clasp a horizontal bar with the top hold.
  2. To make pulling up.
  3. To throw legs for the head.
  4. Further to carry out them under a crossbeam and to make smooth assignment back.
  5. To extend a body in a straight line.
  6. To hang the greatest possible amount of time.

The list of councils on how to learn to do Swallow, does not include recommendations about performance of the separate bringing exercises. To everyone who will daily train in the usual mode, developing force and dexterity, after a while this element will surely obey.

Exit of an angel

This element demands force and preparation therefore before its performance the bringing trainings are necessary: work with wrists, shoulders, hands and a back will be required. It will be necessary to perfect Swallow, An exit of the prince, A royal exit, pullings up by the wide successful fellow to a breast and for the head.

Technically the element is carried out as follows:

  1. To clasp a horizontal bar with a wide reverse grip.
  2. To make full hung.
  3. To carry out pulling up by data of elbows behind the back and raising of a body.
  4. To carry out pushing out of a body against the stop and its removal on sufficient height.
  5. To sit down on a horizontal bar.

Power exit

Exit with demonstration of force is ranked as one of the most difficult elements. It combines pullings up and push-ups. A number of the bringing movements will be required. Pullings up in different styles, usual and explosive push-ups will form base.

Whether you know? In 2017 the 7-year-old female resident of Lviv (Ukraine) Nicole Knyazeva within the performance on Steel Workout Show managed to carry out 80 power rises by a revolution on a crossbeam.

After it is possible to make with little effort 12-15 pullings up and 20 push-ups, it is possible to pass to training in the equipment of this element:

  1. To clasp a crossbeam with the top and lower hold.
  2. To make full hung.
  3. To rock a body forward.
  4. To carry out sharp pulling up on outstretched arms.
  5. To rise as it is possible above, completely straightening hands.

Program of trainings

Approximate programs of trainings for guys and girls with zero level of preparation to you will help to distribute forces correctly.

For guys

For guys 3-4 times a week 1-2 hours are optimum to be engaged. By drawing up the week or monthly program it is necessary to allocate separate days under power loadings, development of separate groups of muscles and also to choose certain days for restoration. Before a training the jog and an extension are useful.


Quantity of sets

Number of repetitions

Pullings up on a horizontal bar with various successful fellow: wide, average, narrow


greatest possible

Push-ups with various arrangement of palms: under the shoulders cramped together at distance of 10-15 cm


from 5-7

Hung with a raising of legs


from 5



of 10-15

Raising of a trunk in hanging



Deep squats



For girls


Quantity of sets

Number of repetitions



The Australian pullings up with interception


greatest possible

Squats in couple





exit to a horizontal bar with a move; hung vraznozhka; a corner with the cramped legs; a corner with a hand between legs; balance; hung on one hand




Push-ups from a floor a turn


greatest possible

Pulling up of a body to a horizontal bar with the bent legs


greatest possible



greatest possible



greatest possible

Rise on socks



When all exercises come easily, approximately 2 weeks of trainings later it is possible to pass to more difficult level.

Features of trainings in house conditions

If on the street it is too cold (or there is bad weather), then you should not miss because of it a training. It can be carried out also in house conditions. The horizontal bar, chairs, stools, a sofa or a bedside table will be required by half-meter height. The training has to take place in well aired spacious room.

Before starting, warm-up is obligatory:

  1. Twisting on a press — 2 sets on 12 repetitions.
  2. The return twisting — 2 sets on 12 repetitions.
  3. Exercise Bicycle — 2 sets on 12 repetitions.

The program is calculated for 3 days a week with 1 day of a break.

Between approaches it is necessary to take a break in a couple of minutes:



Quantity of sets

Number of repetitions

Day 1

Push-ups with the wide successful fellow of hands



Push-ups on stools



Level with cultivation of the upper extremities in the parties



Pullings up by a reverse grip



Pseudo planche



Leg curls



Day 2

Pullings up with the wide successful fellow



Body rows






Push-ups on one hand


greatest possible

Push-ups by a triangle



Return push-ups



Day 3



on 30 with







Push-ups by a lodge



Side planks w/rotation



Elbow plank arm lifts


greatest possible

Summing up the results, it should be noted that workout is a traffic and amateur sport at the same time, quite popular among young people. At regular trainings it allows to improve health, to make beautiful a body, to develop force and dexterity. That occupations brought satisfaction and result, the system is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team