Yoga as course of life

Yoga as course of life

What actually is meant the word "yoga"? System of gymnastic exercises? Way of self-development? Philosophy of the Indian people? And the religion can? Having asked this question to one hundred people, it is possible to receive as much answers.

 "Yoga" - "communication" - communication between soul and the body of the person practicing it. This all-round physical and spiritual development of the body. Formation of yoga as the practicing philosophy in India, occurred about six thousand years ago old. Understanding of point of the executed exercises for achievement of the maximum result became its basis.

At distribution of yoga in other countries its true rules were rejected on the second plan. The maximum development of flexibility of the human body became the essence of yoga that was considered as skill top.

The true philosophy of yoga is easy for perception, despite mistakenly developed opinion on its complexity. The Hinduism and the Buddhism are united in it. Soul is the immortal component of the body, it is boundless, feelings aren't peculiar to it. The body is mortal and is the soul vessel. Soul lives many lives to reconcile to eternal tests and sufferings, for merge to the beginning.

 The yoga is various the styles, but, despite this, all its types make one main sense, as well as all religions of the world. Lack of attachment to products of own work, the boundless love for God, wisdom is fundamentals of yoga. In the course of the development it found two ways.

  • The first – the way of the hermit. This way means refusal of all material and concoction of energy on self-development, for achievement of the maximum work of reason. What leads further to the termination of the way and shower will leave the body.
  • The second – the terrestrial way. For passing of this way it isn't necessary to appear from the world equipment. Development of spiritual powers directionally on aspiration to accommodation of mortal life with finding of the maximum prosperity in everything.

 The yoga will help to find spiritual freedom to all people, isn't dependent on their religion and national identity. The yoga purpose – peaceful co-existence of all people in the Universe. The philosophy is clear and readily available to everyone it to learn.

 Yoga essence – refusal of the person from selfish "I", merge of the personality to everything that surrounds it. As a result of people finds freedom and stops the vicious circle from tests of the soul, is released and becomes the whole with the infinite world. That is leaves passing and finds eternity of existence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team