"Yoga for a back and a backbone, exercise for beginners in house conditions

"Yoga for a back and a backbone, exercise for beginners in house conditions

practically each of us faces back pains. In our article we will tell how the yoga is capable to improve your health, we will offer simple and effective exercises for a back and a backbone for beginners.

Causes of pains in a back and need of prevention

The back is the complex structure including bones, muscle fibers, ligaments, sinews, intervertebral disks. Pains can result from illnesses which are connected with these components. Figuratively, the causes of back pains divide into how many categories:

Stretchings. Pains can arise after stretching of muscle tissues, sheaves, after the wrong raising of heavy objects, sharp unsuccessful turn. Quite often pain is caused by muscular spasms.

Structural problems. This group includes a number of such reasons as:

  • deformation or rupture of a disk;
  • development of an ischialgia;
  • presence of arthritis;
  • presence of bone anomalies;
  • osteoporosis.

Presence of rare, but serious diseases:

  • syndrome of a horse tail;
  • emergence of new growths in a backbone;
  • infections in a backbone.

It is important! In order that classes were easily and productively, it is necessary to hold them on a hungry stomach, before or 2-3 hours later after meal.

Besides, often smokers, people with an excess weight, people of advanced age suffer from pains. If you have hard, sedentary or stressful work — you also are in a risk zone.

Yoga for a back and a backbone for beginners — an excellent preventive action which will allow to reduce, and soon at all to save you from back pains. Regular trainings will improve your health, and you is forever left pains.

Among extended the practician of yoga it is necessary to call Ayengar, Anuloma-Vilom, the Mule of a bandh, Jalandhar of a bandh, Uddiyana of a bandh, Agni Yoga, Kaula-yoga, Hatha yoga, yogalates, the Bhakti yogi, Fly yoga, Atm Kriya of the Yogi, Kriyya-yoga, akroyog, kapalabkhata.

Muscles and their role in work of a backbone

At a back there are two groups of muscle fibers — external and internal. At regular trainings, external it is possible to pump up not bad and the result will be soon noticeable. But this group of muscles is not responsible for support of a backbone. This duty is assigned to an internal muscular system which is attached to vertebras and fixes their situation.

In order that the back did not hurt, internal muscles always have to be in a tone. Unfortunately, today many people lead an inactive life, often sit at the computer. All this leads to the fact that there is an atrophy of all human body including back muscles. The internal muscular system is a peculiar framework for a backbone, and at the lowered activity it relaxes, develops osteochondrosis and a curvature, and after a while muscles can atrophy at all.

For this reason it is worth paying to internal muscles special attention, and the yoga for strengthening of muscles of a back and a backbone is a great way to support the body in a tone.

Impact on a yoga organism

Advantage of yoga is that it has positive impact not only on the musculoskeletal device, but also on a bone and muscular system, breath, consciousness. Occupations bring benefit not only in the form of physical exercises, and and help to experience the breath, a muscular system, a body. Besides, the yoga promotes elaboration of control over the state and mind.

Whether you know? The yogis living in the ancient time believed that the person was given limited quantity of breaths. Therefore they tried to breathe more slowly to live longer.

The yoga is used not only for a training of muscles of a back, it possesses also other additional bonuses. Thanks to occupations, resistance to stress, positive perception of the world is developed. Exercises do flexible not only our body, but also a manner of communication with other people that promotes reduction of conflict situations, and, respectively, to reduction of stresses.

Strengthening and treatment of a back asanas

The yoga contains a set of asanas for a back and a backbone for beginners who will allow you to get rid of pains. It is enough to give to occupations half an hour in day and already through a short period you will notice their efficiency. Thanks to asanas, you will manage to increase elasticity of muscle fibers, to improve a condition of a spine column, to increase flexibility.

The most effective for treatment of a back are the following asanas:

  • Pashchimottanasana;
  • Chakrasana;
  • Utkata Konasana;
  • Urdhva Prasarita Padasana;
  • Apanasana;
  • Matsiasana.

It is worth remembering that occupations should be held by yoga at back and waist pains with extra care, without haste.


It is forbidden to start occupations in such situations:

  • hard any disease proceeds therefore the patient cannot make elementary movements;
  • presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal device;
  • presence of malignant tumors;
  • presence of injuries of the head and backbone;
  • rehabilitation time after surgical manipulations;
  • acceptance of drugs;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • high temperature.

Preparation for house occupations

Before beginning to carry out exercises for a sore back in house conditions in a prone position or just to start occupation, some preparation is necessary.

Important! The correct breath — guarantee of successful performance of exercises. It is necessary to breathe only through a nose.

  1. It is necessary to make the list of exercises which you plan to execute during the occupation.
  2. Prepare all auxiliary things and a small bottle with water.
  3. Switch off phone and eliminate everything foreign sounds. As much as possible to relax, it is possible to turn on the quiet, pleasant music or mantras.
  4. Prepare a special rug. You should not lay down on a cold floor or very soft surface.
  5. Put on comfortable clothes which will not hold down the movement and will allow a body to breathe.
  6. It is important to take off from himself all jewelry, to be undressed.
  7. For creation of the corresponding atmosphere you can light aromas. Gaining them, consult with the seller what will be suitable for occupations better.
  8. Before starting the main exercises, execute warm-up to be adjusted. Accommodate in a lotus pose, cross legs, straighten a back. Put brushes on knees palms up, close eyes and focus on measured breath.

Exercises on extension of muscles of a back

We bring to your attention the main exercises from yoga for a backbone allowing to improve an extension of muscles of a back.

  • Pavanmuktasana. The uniqueness of this asana is that it can be carried out at a restoration stage after traumatized. It is necessary to lay down on a back, legs to bend and clasp with hands under knees. Then they are densely pressed to a thorax. At this time it is necessary to strain press muscles. Very slowly it is also accurately necessary to carry out rifts on all backbone. Exercise is considered effectively executed if during a rift you feel each vertebra.
  • Apanasana — one of asanas which allows to extend deep back muscles. Lay down on a back and take each knee a hand, then attract knees so close to a thorax as far as it will be possible. At the same time the tailbone has to be pressed to a floor surface. Be recorded for 60 seconds.

Whether you know? Skilled yogis can hold the breath up to 60 minutes.

Yoga for a back — a simple set of exercises

We bring to your attention a house set of exercises on yoga for a back and a backbone.

  • Bkhudzhangasana. The national name of this exercise — the Cobra pose. Lay down on a rug on a stomach and relax. 5-10 seconds later arrange palms on a floor — they have to be before your shoulders. The backbone has to be most relaxed. Slowly on a breath raise the head and a trunk up, tearing off from a rug. Then help yourself hands.
  • Mardzhariasana. In the people this asana is called a pose of the Cat. Get up on knees and relax. Strain fingers standing and lean them in a rug. Slowly lower a stomach, raise the head and look at a ceiling. Be recorded for 2 seconds. Then on an exhalation relax fingers, curve a backbone, hang the head and you look down. Execute an asana several times.

It is important! If you transferred surgical intervention, it is possible to start occupations yoga not earlier, than in 3 months.

  • Adho Mukh Shvanasan. In the people this asana is called a pose of the Dog. Kneel, place them directly, by means of fingers standing rest against a rug, hands arrange on a floor. Then inhale and lower hips with a stomach down, slightly cave in. Execute an asana of 4-5 times.

Strengthening of deep muscles of a stomach

You already know what exercises from yoga are suitable for a backbone and its strengthening. Let's consider those from them which will help to make stomach muscles stronger and strong.

  1. Pashchimottanasana Settle down on a back and extend legs. Slowly round a back and pull in a stomach, rise and stretch, bending. To rise, it is possible to lean hands against a floor and then to slowly reach initial position. Make 3 approaches on 5 times.
  2. Lay down on a back, straighten legs, raise straight arms for the head. On an exhalation raise a trunk and legs, pull hands forward. Execute an asana in 3 approaches on 5 times.
  3. "Parshva Urdhva Padasana". Exercise is carried out, lying on the right side. Straighten the right hand and stretch it forward, lean on left. At first raise the left leg, then right. You hold two raised legs together for 30 seconds. Relax and repeat an asana, having turned over on other side.

Whether you know? The yoga is not religion as believe many. For the first time it appeared in India about 5 millennia ago as the doctrine allowing to realize itself physically and spiritually.

Occupations yoga are a fine opportunity to relax, strengthen the health and to improve health. Regular training will help you not only to gain great physical shape, but also to find sincere harmony.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team