Yoga for stout persons: set of exercises, weight loss

Yoga for stout persons: set of exercises, weight loss

The set of stories of celebrities and ordinary people who show the beautiful slender bodies is widespread in Network and assure that they managed to achieve such result, practicing yoga.

By means of what yoga-exercises it is possible to lose quickly weight and to bring the body into a form, it is told in article.

Universality of yoga

All people, irrespective of build, age, physical training can practice yoga. Statistics says that the practician helps to lose the yogi to 20% of weight only 2–3 months later.

Besides, it promotes strengthening of muscles of various parts of a body, establishing work of internals and systems, calm, disposal of a stress, activization of mental activity.

Whether you know? The set of stars of cinema, sport and show business is engaged in the regular practicians of yoga allowing to maintain beauty of a body. Among them — the singer Madonna, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Nichole Kidman, Charlize Theron, supermodels Giselle Bundhen, Miranda Kerr, singers Sting, Ricky Martin, actors Robert Downey Jr., David Duchovny, Dzhorzh Clooney.

It is quite difficult to stout persons to play sports, to run, jump, practise with exercise machines. Therefore many of them will suffer rather from dislike for own body, than to subject themselves to excessive physical activities.

Another matter — yoga: in it all movements smooth, weakening. The main condition of such occupations — to derive pleasure. Besides there is a set of types of yoga, and everyone can choose for itself(himself) the most sparing courses.

Unlike usual yoga where for occupations are required only own body, the comfortable clothes and a rug, in courses for full are applied extras the belts, blocks, chairs, ropes, pillows, blankets allowing to carry out more comfortably asanas.

As quite often stout person suffers from a hypertension and diseases of a cardiovascular system that is a contraindication to performance of many asanas, it is aware for fatties exercises which do not overload heart are chosen and do not promote increase in pressure.

Important! To inadmissibly practice yoga right after food.

The most effective in respect of weight loss are such types of yoga as power and Hatha yoga, an ashtanga, to bikra, yoga in hammocks.

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Basic types of asanas for beginners

Despite the seeming complexity of many asanas, not only slender people with a small weight, but also full can carry out them. Below the complex of general exercises which after several trainings with the instructor, undoubtedly, can obey everyone is described.

Fire breath

  1. To rise exactly with the straightened back and a little divorced legs.
  2. It is deep to inhale through a nose and to exhale sharply.
  3. On an exhalation to pull in a stomach.
  4. To repeat 25–30 times.

Learn what there are directions in yoga and in what their main differences.


  1. To rise with the straightened back, the pulled-in stomach, the divorced legs.
  2. To slowly raise the right leg and to rest a foot against a hip.
  3. To raise hands over the head, having connected them palms.
  4. To record situation for half-minute.


  1. To rise exactly with the straightened back and the divorced legs.
  2. To raise hands over the head, having closed them palms.
  3. On an exhalation slowly to sit down to a state when knees are bent at an angle 90 °.
  4. To slightly bend a back.
  5. To remain in a pose for half-minute.

Clarification by fire

  1. To accept a standing position.
  2. To sit down, placing emphasis palms on hips.
  3. To draw in buttocks.
  4. It is deep to inhale.
  5. It is sharp to exhale.
  6. To hold the breath.
  7. To involve and stick out a stomach of 6-7 times.
  8. To straighten legs.
  9. To return to initial situation.

We advise to esteem how to begin to practice house yoga.

Attack of the soldier

  1. To accept a standing position.
  2. To step the right leg forward, having raised a hip to situation parallel to the earth and at the same time to extend hands up, having connected palms.
  3. To be late in a pose of half-minute.
  4. To return to an initial position.
  5. To repeat with attack by the left leg.


  1. To lay down on a stomach.
  2. To put hands along a body, to press to buttocks.
  3. On a breath to raise the head, a breast and legs, having caved in in a backbone.
  4. To remain in this provision of half-minute.

Exercises for weight loss

This complex includes simple positions and movements which beginners can execute even.

It is important! If you plan to lose weight, then the efficiency can achieve only in a complex with correction of food.

With a chair


  1. To sit down on a chair (the back has to be sideways).
  2. Foot have to stand on a floor completely. Hands lie on hips, a back direct.
  3. To develop shoulders back and down.
  4. It is deep to inhale.
  5. On an exhalation to develop a body to the right, having clasped with a hand a chair back.
  6. To tighten a back on exhalations.
  7. To return to initial situation.
  8. To repeat an asana with turn to the left.

Inclination forward:

  1. To sit down on a chair a back to a back.
  2. Foot completely to put on a floor. To lower hands on hips, to straighten a backbone.
  3. To develop shoulders back and down.
  4. On a breath to raise hands over the head, delaying shoulders and shovels down.
  5. On an exhalation to carry out an inclination with a direct back forward.
  6. After 3–4 breaths exhalations to return to a sitting position.

Deflection back:

  1. To adopt the initial provision, as in the previous exercise.
  2. On a breath to expand a thorax and to get hands for a back, having undertaken palms a chair back.
  3. To slowly take away the head back.
  4. To make 3 breath and an exhalation and to return to a sitting position.

It will be useful for you to esteem about what is asanas in yoga and what their role.


The soldier's pose — 2:

  1. To rise directly, having connected thumbs of legs.
  2. To make kickback on heels and to part toes.
  3. To place fingers on a rug.
  4. To press all foot to a rug.
  5. To tighten a belt, unbending knees.
  6. Exhaling, to step aside — between legs there have to be 1.2 m.
  7. To raise hands up and to part them in the parties, in situation parallel to the earth. Palms have to be turned down.
  8. To develop the right leg on 90 °.
  9. To twist the left leg on 45-60 ° to the right.
  10. On an exhalation to bend the right knee until the shin appears perpendicular to the earth. The corner between the right hip and a shin has to make 90 °.
  11. To straighten hands in the parties.
  12. To turn the head to the right.
  13. To stay in a pose about one minute.
  14. To carry out the same with other leg.

The soldier's pose — 3:

  1. To accept an initial position as in the previous exercise — having raised hands and having parted in the parties.
  2. On an exhalation to make turn to the right side all over and the right foot.
  3. To make turn the left foot to the right side on 60 °.
  4. Having bent the right leg, to give hands up and forward.
  5. On an exhalation to put a breast on a hip.
  6. To straighten hands forward.
  7. To raise the left leg up. Knees at both legs have to be straightened.

On a rug


  1. To accept situation on all fours with knees at the level of hips.
  2. On a breath to throw back the head, to pull a stomach to a floor, to cramp shovels.
  3. On an exhalation to round a back, to hang the head down, to put a chin on a breast.
  4. To repeat deflections of 5 times.

Dog muzzle down:

  1. To accept a standing position on all fours. Hands, knees and feet have to be located at shoulder length.
  2. Hips and hands to arrange perpendicular to a rug.
  3. On an exhalation to cave in in a waist, to raise buttocks up and to remove back. To build hands, a neck and a back in a straight line. To straighten knees. Heels have to touch a rug.
  4. To be late in a pose for a minute then to relax.

Dead person:

  1. To accept a prone position with the equal relaxed hands and legs.
  2. To close eyelids and to relax.
  3. To take deep breaths and exhalations.

So, regular trainings by yoga is a great way to cope with excess weight and further to control it.

Whether you know? Exercises from yoga are included in programs of training of astronauts, military, submariners, rescuers, divers.

Besides, they allow to improve flexibility, coordination, endurance, to get rid of some diseases, to improve mood and the general health, to bring physical, intellectual and emotional forces into harmony.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team