Yoga-massage: types and technicians"

Yoga-massage: types and technicians"

Many consider that yoga-massage and the Thai massage — this is the same thing. Actually it is two different technicians, but so close similar at each other that it is difficult to average citizen to distinguish them. Today we will not try to understand these differences, and we will just talk about features of such massage and about as far as it is useful to an organism.

Features of yoga-massage

Roots of the technology of massage of this type go deeply to antiquity. It is considered that the foundation for it was laid by one Indian doctor well familiar with Buddha and serving at the Indian tsar as the doctor. There was it about 2.5 thousand years ago. This person was well familiar with medicinal properties of herbs and minerals and skillfully used it.

Exercises of the doctor gradually extended on the state and began to go beyond its limits. On the territory of present Thailand they, presumably, got together with the Buddhism. There was it somewhere in the 2-3rd centuries of our era.

Modern technology of yoga-massage differs from ancient a little and consists in body stretching by deep impact on fabrics. Thereof muscles well warm up and relax that allows a body to become more flexible. The general tone of an organism raises, and addition of oils when performing massage allows to improve metabolism because of what the organism is quicker capable to be cleaned from toxins.

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Advantage and efficiency

The main feature of yoga-massage distinguishing it from other types of massage is that the expert not only adjusts the patient's body, but also to his power engineering specialist. Because of it it turns out that procedures have the considerable medical effect allowing to cure not only a body, but also I smother. This massage is applicable at:

  • problems with a GIT (blood circulation returns to normal and bile outflow improves);
  • chronic fatigue and fast fatigue (muscular spasms are eliminated and inflow of forces is felt);
  • the headaches which appeared from behind angiospasms or pinching of nerves;
  • depressions, insomnias.

Advantage of these procedures following:

  • there is a rejuvenation of an integument;
  • the water balance is normalized;
  • the mobility of all vertebral departments improves;
  • skin is smoothed;
  • face muscles relax;
  • the condition of hair improves;
  • fatigue leaves;
  • the organism tone raises;
  • work of nervous system returns to normal;
  • problems with bodies of a belly zone are solved.

After the first session of the Thai yoga-massage it is possible to feel harmony of soul, inflow of forces and to relax completely. Such efficiency of procedures is reached thanks to not haste and considerable duration of a session.

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Massage can do much harm in case of existence of some problems, namely:

  • cold with the increased temperature;
  • bleedings, including internal;
  • blood diseases;
  • purulent processes;
  • problems with skin and hair covers, nails;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • the allergies which are shown on skin;
  • tumors;
  • virus and infectious illnesses;
  • problems with a GIT;
  • serious pathological problems with the musculoskeletal device;
  • diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • indigestion.


There are three types of massage differing in technology of performance and mechanisms of influence. It is possible just to register in massage, and the expert already himself will decide what of types suits you.

Important! It is not recommended to attend yoga-massage sessions during pregnancy.


It is the most widespread look as it is universal. The expert begins to warm up a body from tips of legs, slowly rising to the top. Under his fingers muscles, ligaments, a backbone are gradually extended, joints warm up. There is a deep impact on bodies and important points. Such massage will allow:

  • to get rid of constraint of muscles;
  • to correct a bearing;
  • to improve mobility of joints and vertebras;
  • to normalize blood circulation;
  • to be cleaned from slags;
  • to intensify exchange processes;
  • to normalize work of internal systems of an organism.

It is very effective at an inactive way of life and at strong physical overworks.

Whether you know? There is the Thai slim-massage. With its help it is possible to get rid of extra kilos. It lasts several hours.


The procedure is performed on a floor and surely is followed by special music. The patient settles down on a back, and the massage therapist — near him on a lap at distance of 30 cm. The expert uses for holding a session only palms, wrists and thumbs of hands. He begins to mass knees, from them passes to hips, and at the end goes down to stupnyam. Duration of the procedure is two hours. During it the extension is not applied.

Whether you know? If to make massage before an active sports training, then it is possible to improve gas exchange for 10–20%. Holding a procedure after the training increases gas exchange twice.


Ayurveda — the Indian alternative medicine which cornerstone the Hinduism philosophy is. In this medicine as medicines substances of plant and animal origin, minerals are used. Ayurvedic massage is carried out with application of vegetable oils, powders therefore it is capable:

  • to restore fabrics;
  • to improve a dream;
  • to eliminate a stress, irritability, nervousness;
  • to present feeling of ease in all body;
  • to improve a figure silhouette.

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Preparation for massage

Before a session it is necessary to prepare the body:

  1. Eat not later, than for an hour and a half prior to a procedure. Food has to be easy, and a portion small.
  2. Drink 250 ml of water and take a warm shower. It will help to accelerate metabolism.
  3. Be configured to the procedure. Remember that not to do without pain.

Necessary clothes

Not less important point of preparation — the choice of clothes. Pick up something easy and free. The clothes should not disturb neither to you to derive pleasure, nor to the expert to perform the work. It is desirable to give preference to light natural materials: to cotton, linen. They allow to breathe to a body and are nice on the touch.

The accompanying means

During the procedure the expert uses:

  • the herbs placed in sacks (help to relax at contact with skin);
  • warm stones (improve blood circulation);
  • the Thai sticks (revitalize);
  • oils (radio and for moistening).

Important! From what accompanying means will be applied, the nature of a session depends. Stones slow down it, and sticks do vigorous.

Performance of massage in house conditions

Not to spend excess funds for visit of massage parlors, it is possible to study independently technology of yoga-massage, having attended special courses. After training it is possible to relax quietly in house conditions.


This part of a body by means of fingertips and a palm is massed. It is necessary to move from a forehead to an occipital part with circular motions with easy pressing:

  1. The one who will perform the procedure settles down behind the patient and puts hands to him on the head.
  2. Begins to mass easily fingers as though rubs shampoo in hair.
  3. Gradually moves to the top and begins to mass it palms, without touching at the same time by head fingers.
  4. Then moves to an occipital zone and kneads it, alternating massage by fingers and palms (6 times).
  5. The patient puts the head a forehead on a palm to the massage therapist who places the second hand on a nape. Begins to mass it, vigorously moving a palm across. Carries out change of hands and repeats action.
  6. Minute vigorous grinding of an integument of the head by means of fingers of both hands is in conclusion carried out. Movements have to resemble a scratching.

Video: performance of massage of the head Such procedure will allow to get rid of headaches and will help to lighten the mood. It is desirable to carry out it since morning or in the evening.


The massage therapist should settle down sideways the patient and to perform the following operations:

  1. To smoothly put one hand on the lower part of a neck, and the second on a forehead.
  2. Slowly pressing on neck muscles, a thumb and other four (on different sides), to move a hand to hair.
  3. To detain a hand in this area, having a little pressed on a neck within 5–7 seconds.
  4. To return on the initial point and again to repeat everything (5 times).

If after such session the relaxation of muscles was not felt, it is necessary to add circular motions of a hand when moving along a neck.


For performance the massage therapist given procedures needs to accommodate near the patient on a lap or to lean on one leg:

  1. The expert parts fingers of hands and puts in such type of a hand on a back to the patient in a sacrum zone.
  2. Without touching a backbone and transferring body weight to hands, moves palms to a humeral zone. During the movement of palms, alternate pressings are carried out.
  3. Action repeats 5–7 times.

Video: performance of massage of a back


Itself can carry out this procedure:

  1. Sit down on legs and level a back, having developed shoulders. Reach the top for a ceiling.
  2. Put palms on a stomach. Your middle fingers have to adjoin.
  3. Inhale, having increased as much as possible a stomach.
  4. Exhale and pull in a stomach, pressing on it palms a little.
  5. Repeat two last actions of 5-6 times. It is necessary to breathe so that middle fingers met and dispersed.
  6. Move apart knees on foot width.
  7. Clench fists and rest bones against a zone under edges.
  8. Make an inclination forward that fists pressed on a stomach.
  9. In this pose make a breath exhalation as it is described above (4–5 times).
  10. Accept a starting position.

Video: performance of massage of a stomach


Before the procedure it is necessary to wash well legs and hands in warm water. Massage can be carried out most:

  1. Pound a foot and an ankle palms. It will improve blood circulation.
  2. Relax a foot and pull it at first in the party, and then in opposite.
  3. Make circular motions a foot.
  4. Fist or thumb press on foot, moving from a heel to fingers.
  5. Twist and pull fingers standing.
  6. Pound a heel, then pass to grinding of the arch from within. Gradually move to a sock. Do strong pressings.
  7. Knead a shin bottom.
  8. Clasp calves densely with palms and rotate them here and there.
  9. In a zone where muscles fork upon transition to calves, grope a point on which when pressing the slight pain will be notable. Knead it, going down to a heel.
  10. Execute the weakening easy circular grindings of a knee joint.

Video: performance of massage of feet Such massage intensifies blood circulation, improves mobility of knee and ankle joints, eliminates pain.

Yoga-massage is very effective remedy for recuperation, cheerfulness, rejuvenation. During the procedures the harmony of soul and a body is felt. At great desire the massage can be carried out also in house conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team