Yoga or Pilates - in what to be engaged at a leisure

Yoga or Pilates - in what to be engaged at a leisure

Desire exciting to be natural to each person. The base of the healthy lifestyle is made by healthy nutrition and the adequate exercise stress. After heavy day of work, physical exercises best of all help to distract and relax.

Yoga or Pilates - what is better

Such sports hobbies as yoga and Pilates enjoy wide popularity among women. They in something are similar, but there are also essential distinctions. The yoga is primary in relation to Pilates which was created in the second third of the 20th century by Joseph (Josef) Pilates for rehabilitation of the military personnel. Therefore some techniques of Pilates are similar to yogichesky.

Pilates and yoga meet in the following aspects: - deep study of muscles and joints; - concentration on breath and its interaction with muscle work; - development of flexibility and coordination; - low level of traumatism; - formation of the correct posture; - the necessary effect is reached at the correct and exact performance of exercises; - both systems are suitable for people with zero level of preparation.

These trainings don't assume repeated repetition of exercises and big exercise stresses. They won't help to get rid of excess weight rapidly so if the main objective of occupations – weight loss, is better to combine Pilates and yoga with power trainings. It is desirable to master both that and other system together with the instructor. Carrying out asanas or the set of exercises from Pilates, it is difficult to put itself the trauma, but it is possible to stretch accidentally the sheaf or to overload the joint, thereby having hurt itself.

Differences between yoga and Pilates

The yoga, unlike Pilates, is focused on: - spiritual filling of physical exercises (it is ancient practice of finding of spiritual balance, through harmonization of the physical state); - management of energy, its competent distribution in the body; - extension of muscles and backbone; - static performance of asanas, the delay in each of them on the certain quantity of respiratory cycles; - deep, full breath, mainly diafragmalny. Pilates is more dynamic, than yoga, but at the same time so smooth movements and slow. At occupations emphasis is placed by Pilates on study of muscles of the stomach and back, their strengthening and development. Breath, according to this technique, has to oxygenate the muscle. Choosing between yoga and Pilates it is necessary to define what aim is pursued by trainings. The first will present tranquility and harmony together with faultless balance, flexibility and good physical condition. Inflow of forces, cheerfulness, strong muscles, agility and excellent mood will bring occupations Pilates. However, nothing prevents to combine two types of trainings reasonably.

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