Adler (Russia)

Adler (Russia)

, Adler - quite so begins the address of many sanatoria, boarding houses, holiday houses and private houses of the city of Sochi. In Sochi on summer holiday there were many – however upon, the vast majority of them was in Adler. What the place and in what its main difference from actually Sochi consists is?

Actually, today Adler is one of the residential districts of Sochi – it is the center of Adlersky District. At least, so it is considered officially, on papers. Actually any who personally there was could notice that Adler is a little removed and slightly isolated from the city of Sochi, and, going to the central regions of the city or to the well-known Sochi embankment, people go from Adler To Sochi - though administratively it is one city, and Adler – only one of its parts.

Really, still quite recently – literally to the middle of the XX century – Adler was the certain settlement which Sochi was not relating. The small settlement initially, then – the industrial settlement in 30-hkh years, after – the urban-type settlement. And only at the beginning 60-hkh years Adler officially became a part of the city of Sochi and one of its areas.

The word Adler, obviously, Turkish origin. Thanks to the Mzymta River flowing here which flows into the Black Sea this area was popular always. Already at the time of the Middle Ages the Genoa trade trading station – as is well-known, representatives of this nation massively of a zamelyala coastal the city of Black Sea Coast was located here. Besides, here historically there lived Abkhazians and the Caucasian Sadz.

Sadz owned on Mzymta small trade port from where the ships went to Turkey. Turks called these possession of Sadz of the word Arts that it is partly in consonance with the modern name of Adler. Later the word Arts was Russified and got the acquaintance all a form today – Adler.

In Adler there is a museum of local lore where it is possible to learn about the history of this place in brief. At the beginning of the XIX century the Russian military strengthening of the Holy Spirit which was a part of the Caucasian line was based here. However it existed not for long – only about twenty years.

As the resort, Adler became is popular at the beginning of the XX century. In those days there were active works on change of shape then still of the certain settlement that attracted here, finally, many tourists of those times. In particular, in the 1910th year in Adler the park, beautiful and comfortable for walks, called in honor of Drachevsky was broken. Later it was renamed into the garden Southern Cultures. After the October revolution, at the end 20-hkh years, the housing resort community was founded here that was promoted by a location directly on the seashore. Later there was a small experiment on creation from Adler of the industrial settlement, however then the administration focused on a resort component and on development of the corresponding infrastructure.

Yes, it is valid – today the person can go to Sochi, but in Sochi not to visit reality. Most often Sochi is meant as Adler as here a large number of various sanatoria is concentrated. Them here several dozen, and initially each of them belonged to various Soviet departments or the enterprises. In the vast majority they look slightly more simply than monumental Sochi sanatoria – such as military of Fabritius, with his massive ladders, colonnades, stone arbors – however and here it is possible to find quite worthy places suitable for spending vacation. Today in practice it is not obligatory to be the employee of a certain enterprise to get to one of these sanatoria – the commercial sector is widely developed, and the vacation package can just be bought for money.

Conditions in the resorts of Adler more, than good. Former Soviet practices – when were accepted to arrangement of sanatoria really thoroughly – today are combined with new trends of beach vacation. Here, having a rest at the sea, it is possible to sweep on banana, on a water ski, to do some flying on a sea parachute. Along all embankment there is a set of cafe, small restaurants and other institutions where it is possible to have a good time, bite and to drink wines. Dishes of the Caucasian, Russian and European cuisine are presented to them and they enjoy wide popularity among vacationers.

In case, in view of any reasons you do not accept local sanatoria or hotels, at your service – houses of the private sector. Many locals during a tourist season rent the person interested rooms, corners or whole separate a wing. It is possible to agree about the price on the place and, as a rule, it will not be too high.

By the way, about price level. For certain many heard about the fair high cost which is observed on beaches of the city of Sochi. Really, the bottle of soft drink or beer can cost several times more there, than in shop. And so, it does not concern to Adler, and here the prices quite acceptable even in entertaining institutions. And the last much along all coastline is presented. Besides public catering institutions, there are shooting galleries, salons of video games for children here, trampolines, kartings, just trays with souvenirs – in a word, boringly here does not happen. And, unlike the main Sochi, practically everything costs not much here.

However, today Adler became is well-known not only across all Russia and the countries of the former CIS, but also abroad. And all this in view of the coming Olympic Games-2014. Another Olympic and Paralympic Games will be played exactly here for what new sporting venues are everywhere built. Certainly, for some time all this will give to the place revival, inflow of big mass of people and, most likely, price increase – however sooner or later games will end, and objects will remain on former places. Thus, in the future it is possible to expect even more developed Adler, with qualitative athletic fields, halls and other infrastructure. Certainly, the Olympic Games will do only good both to the city of Sochi in general, and to Adler in particular.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team