"Ah-Understand – mountains of winds (Crimea, Ukraine)

"Ah-Understand – mountains of winds (Crimea, Ukraine)

-Understand – one of the most outstanding and popular among tourists a sight of the Crimean coast. Its height is 1234 meters above sea level. Contrary to opinions of many tourists, mountain top flat. A separate part Ah-Understand reminds a form of teeth. There is an opinion that they are the highest point of the massif. But it not so. Roca's mountain, with height of 1346 meters above sea level, is officially registered by the highest point Ah-Understand. The little the Quail mountain was located below. Its height is 1320 meters. Top Ah-Understand it is located 86 meters below. From this element of the massif the great view of teeth opens.

In the administrative relation, the massif is located in the Yalta region of the Crimea. "Ah-Understand the name of mountains" has the Greek origin and in translation Saint Peter means. These mountains are the most windy point of Ukraine. In the 1949th year, here, within 125 days, wind with a speed over 15 m/s blew. Also in this place the strongest speed of wind – 50 m/s was registered. In this regard, on the plateau the wind farm was established. But strong wind promoted its breakage and now the station in to be in critical condition. Also, Ah-Understand it is known for the maximum number of foggy days not only in the Crimea, but also in all Ukraine.

In Soviet period, on the Quail mountain the complex of radar stations of tracking space and air spaces was put. Considering weather conditions and strong winds, year of service at the station was set off for one and a half.

On the plateau there is a small settlement Hunting. The massif is located near the settlement of Kareiz and the city of Alupka.

Alupka is in 18 kilometers from Yalta. It is possible to reach the city by means of the water transport and also by bus. In general, the transport network of Alupka is quite well developed in the field of the directions in the main tourist points. It is also possible to get to the city by the taxi. Some resorts are reported among themselves by water activities of transport.

To provide itself with quite acceptable housing at the adequate price, there are several ways: it is possible to address to travel agency which commission is paid by the client placing the announcement of rental housing.

Also, there is an opportunity to place the announcement of housing renting at a forum of Alupka and in advance to settle with the owner all terms.

Some tourists, on arrival to the city, at bus station address intermediaries or select suitable option during the round of streets. Such ways, at all the difficulty and problematical character, can quite yield desirable result.

Each tourist is given an opportunity to conquer the huge massif in several ways.


The cableway conducting to top Ah-Understand, is the longest in the whole Europe. For rise on the mountain in such a way, in the middle of the way it is necessary to carry out change as the cableway consists of two parts. Time of overcoming a way by the funicular is, on average 5-6 minutes. What, definitely, is minus of such way of conquest of top. For rather short period of time, to passengers quite difficult fully to enjoy a view of the Yalta mountain reserve which was located at the foot of the mountain.

The cost of the ticket for overcoming distance on the funicular in one party is 60 hryvnias. Often, before a cabin quite big turn, especially in the evening day gathers. Sale of tickets is carried out to six o'clock in the evening then everything, to the last passenger lower to the bottom.

It is possible to reach the cableway. "Cableway" is enough to use bus of the 32nd route transporting passengers from a stop "movie theater Spartacus" to a stop. The price of the ticket is only 8 hryvnias.

Conquest of top on the car

The trip to top on the car on the route Yalta-Bakhchisarai lying among the coniferous forest takes on average about 30-40 minutes. The similar way of conquest of top, at the correct approach, can be quite fascinating. During the fire-dangerous period (from July to August) and during difficult weather conditions, it is expensive, for safety, GAI is often blocked. The admission of cars is sometimes allowed. The lack of own transport is not the reason to cancel conquest of mountain top as it is always possible to join the excursions plying both to top, and to the foot of the mountain. The cost of such trip is about 60 hryvnias. Generally six-seven people are a part of similar excursions. As the vehicle serves the minibus. After the car gathers a necessary number of people, the excursion begins. In the course of the movement, the driver will tell a set of the interesting facts and stories concerning as the Yalta reserve and mountain Ah-Understand, and the southern coast of the Crimea in general.

To top Ah-Understand on foot

Conquest of the massif is on foot quite difficult, but is quite feasible. To top of the mountain conduct different pedestrian tracks: Miskhorsky, Botkin, Taraktashsky. Rise on foot is considered the most extreme type of conquest Ah-Understand. Not each traveler is capable to overcome similar loadings.

In the Crimea you can also visit the Wuchang SU falls

Usually, rise to teeth takes 25-30 minutes. During a way it is possible to make several stops for rest, detailed study of magnificent landscapes and an opportunity to imprint them on the camera. Similar excursions last about 70-80 minutes, depending on the purposes pursued by tourists. Someone tries to prolong as much as possible pleasure from conquest of top, to imprint in the memory and on a photo the best and high points. Such campaigns remain in memory for a long time! It is possible to return to the foot of the mountain on the cableway. For this purpose, after rise it is necessary to acquire the ticket in cash desk.

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Also, on top Ah-Peteri, including through teeth, a number of climbing routes from category of difficulty, the first on the fifth, is laid. And in close proximity to top several routes for cycle freeride are located.

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