Ah-Understand (Ukraine) (Crimea)

Ah-Understand (Ukraine) (Crimea)

Ay-Petri is located in the Yalta region of the Crimea. Its height reaches 1234 meters, occupying the space in 300 square kilometers. In the western part of the mountain so-called Baydarsky gate are formed. Now this top is considered the most windy place in the country. Earlier here the complex of radar stations was located. Thanks to massive trees the rare picture of the plateau of the Crimea is created.

Today Ah-Understand represents not only a landscape sight, but also the unusual place which can often be seen in sci-fi movies. All this is created thanks to exact geodetic data which we learn by means of a meteorological station. 35 caves are for this purpose used.

It would be desirable to note that Ah-Understand is the popular place for alpine skiing rest. Especially for it built a huge alpine skiing complex with cozy lodges, qualitative routes here. Across all territory of the resort it is possible to move by means of elevators and cableways which will bring you in any point of a complex. If you did not take with yourself the necessary equipment, then it is possible to rent the sledge, skis, a snowboard and other winter equipment on the place.

New type of rest - a ski-yoring when many skiers hold a strong rope enjoys wide popularity among mountain skiers and climbs down a mountain at a decent speed. Even if you do not keep standing, then fluffy snow will soften your falling. Moreover, here annually there take place freestyle skiing competitions. Tops of the mountain attract not only thrill-seekers, but also judges of natural treasures which represent in themselves the Canadian trees and infinite snow-white hills. All of them to them create the so-called winter kingdom where there will be a place to everyone. In the lower part of the resort it is possible to be photographed with a live bear cub and even to embrace him.

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To be supported and gain strength it is possible to visit local cafe where serve refined oriental dishes accompanied by domestic Crimean wines. In memory of a trip it is possible to get figurines, knickknacks which are enough in gift shops. To reach to top Ah-Understand it is possible on own transport or to rent the private car. Therefore to a route campaigns within which it is possible to see not only the main mountain often treble, but to visit a number of caves, all this is a part of the Yalta mountain-forest reserve.

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