Archipelago of Socotra

Archipelago of Socotra

represents the small archipelago in the Indian Ocean which includes four islands. Landscape features of these islands do the archipelago of Socotra by the unique place on the earth, there is no such unique nature anywhere any more. Socotra really is the unusual place.

First of all the archipelago is unusual the landscape, on not habit it can be taken for scenery to the movie about some extraterrestrial civilization, but such beauty exists actually. In addition is also one of the most isolated places on the planet. Because of such arrangement a third of plants of Socotra are endemic, they cannot be found any more anywhere on the planet.

The name Socotra to be translated from Sanskrit as the Island of Happiness. Socotra quite justifies such name, it is possible to observe rare contrast between a delightful botanical charm and silence, isolation and huge quiet beaches here

Despite a sharp, hot and arid African climate here the amazing plant life successfully prospers. The island of Socotra is located in 250 kilometers from Somalia and in 340 from Yemen. Wide sandy coast imperceptibly pass to calcareous plateaus with a huge number of unique caves and to mountains up to 1525 meters high.


In spite of the fact that the population of the island makes about 40,000 inhabitants, the authorities of Yemen constructed the first normal transport ways here only few years ago when UNESCO announced Socotra the territory of world heritage. It is a surprising silent and peace enclave among the noisy world. It became a peculiar Mecca for ecotourists. This island is adapted for ecotourism and support of local economy and a way of life.


This archipelago of happiness actually unique place and if to decide to visit him, then it will be the most surprising travel to lives.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team