Blue pond Biya

Blue pond Biya

known Blue pond Biya – a small reservoir which is in Japan on the island of Hokkaido. The pond is located on the river bank Bieygoa in its left part and is at a mountain Tokachi foot, near the beautiful city of Biya.

The pond received the name from the fact that it has bright blue color which often changes the shade depending on weather conditions.

This fine pond very known also enjoys wide popularity among people. And now, the Blue pond Biya became for Japan the main advantage among sights. A huge number of tourists annually comes to look at a pond.

The blue pond still is considered not only one of the most beautiful places of the planet, but also one of the most unique. Still scientists conduct lake researches on its structure. The main reason of such interest among researchers is in its expressed bright blue color. Some scientists are sure that this unique color appeared because, river aluminum water mixed up with hot water from sources. Thus there was this unique blue cocktail which changes the shade and reflects sunlight.

However, the pond becomes the finest in the winter. When the pond becomes covered with ice and snow, it becomes similar to fantastic shots of movies. Thus, photos of the Blue pond in winter weather became popular to the whole world.

According to history, the Blue pond arose after in 1988 there was a volcanic eruption of Tokachi. At that time, for this purpose to prevent accident, locals constructed a dam. And through half of year construction of a dam ended. After that, because of blocking of a concrete construction, water was late in the forest. As a result, the reservoir with great and unique playful blue color was formed.

Now, among all ponds of the world Blue pond Biya is recognized as the most beautiful. For this purpose, to reach it, it is enough to reach to Tokyo, and from it to the city of Biya.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team