Cave Marble (Ukraine)

Cave Marble (Ukraine)

cave Marble is a surprising natural object which conducts the history since 1987. The cave received the name from the calcareous breeds of the same name.

The cave takes the leading positions on slowness, the area and volume in comparison with other caves of the Mountain Crimea. It is not surprising that excursion routes to this place enjoy wide popularity as for 1.5 kilometers it is possible to look at the most fascinating elements and the image of a cave. Annually there come more than 100 thousand people. Now the cave consists of several parts: Tiger course, Main galleries, Lower gallery. Besides small gorges also are open for visitors.

Special attention the so-called Gallery of Fairy tales which is located close with an entrance to a cave deserves. Here the atmosphere in the spirit of the interesting stories reminding to us of favourite characters prevails. Walls are decorated with draperies, stalagmites. You will be able to see Father Frost, Mammoth, elephant calf, Frog princess. It is unconditional, difficult to believe that all designs were created by millions of years without the aid of the person.

Going to gallery under the name Tiger Course, you will surely notice stone falls, cave pearls, unique flowers. Then the road will lead you to a well where earlier bones of a cave bear were found.

But it is worth to remember also about unique places of the Crimea on its surface - if to you closely in a cave of LifeGid advises you to visit the antique bay, namely Balaklava Bay. But if to you and it is a little, then we advise to admire it is unforgettable a landscape on slopes of the Kara Dag. But we will return nevertheless to the underground world.

In The hall of reorganization the mysterious and mysterious atmosphere prevails. Thanks to snow-white coral carpets, tourists continue to admire this natural creation. Here the playful rivers among which cave pearls occur flow. In 1997 the cave was cardinally reconstructed for revival of excursion routes. Extreme footpaths which will bring you to the massif Tschater Dag were added to the standard program. It should be noticed, it is a symbol of the Crimea.

The huge contribution to development and the equipment of a marble cave were made by the Simferopol scientists and the Center of spelunking ONIKS-TUR under the leadership of A.F. Kozlov. The uniqueness of the Marble cave is repeatedly mentioned not only in the domestic, but also foreign press. For example, the American scientists carried it in the five of the most beautiful caves of the planet. In this regard the Marble cave in 1992 was included into the International association of the equipped caves. But the beauty, one more cave in the Crimea is famous, it is a cave Optimistic, surely visit also her.

Except all above-mentioned you can visit The hall of roses, the hall Chocolate , the Palace hall , the Main gallery and other, not less interesting platforms.

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