City of dawn, or Aurovil: as is without policy and religion

City of dawn, or Aurovil: as is without policy and religion

The city of Aurovil in India belongs to those places on our planet about which does not tell the majority of tourist sources. It is the territory out of the nations, the governments and religions developing under own laws and the principles which main essence consists in humanity and the sensitive relation to the world and each surrounding. Having become at the time the real place of a pilgrimage for many people, free on spirit, decades later this place became the real center of origin of new culture among the person.

Despite the originality, uniqueness and huge tourist demand, Aurovil remains a riddle for many which the majority does not manage to solve sometimes. And today we will try to slightly open this secret and also to acquaint the domestic fan of travel with unique Aurovil which still quite recently was the deserted desert.

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Acquaintance to the city

Aurovil or as it is called local — the city of dawn, is the independent territory which represents the city experiment developing on own administrative-territorial I will arrange. This place is designed to settle the relations between all nations and nationalities. In essence, Aurovil represents the independent territory located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Control of own welfare of the city is put only on shoulders of citizens therefore the most important decisions are made by the general vote here.

At the first acquaintance to the city its unique building is evident at once. The center of the settlement is the building for meditation Matrimandir from whom quarters of the city with a radius about 5 km lepestkoobrazno extend. 50 years ago there was the real desert, but by means of efforts of many people the place turned into the real oasis, and artificially planted about 2 million trees turned the territory into the real city in the forest.

Whether you know? Matrimandir is the only thing in the world the operating temple construction which does not submit to any existing religion. Thus his creators decided to unite all religions of the world.

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Besides, it is the region of alternative technologies therefore you will not meet the devices and productions polluting the environment in Aurovil. In the city there are no names of streets, house numbers and other, however it is quite simple to be guided by areas as all territory is divided into the respective quarters, and every quarter it is divided into some kind of communes.

All constructions elegantly fit into a bright green landscape therefore higher than 3 floors cannot be built here. The administrative-territorial structure of Aurovil allocates 5 zones:

  • industrial region: the territory with an area of 109 hectares where the main are located the industrial and providing existence cities of the enterprise and the organization. Their main feature consists in special ecological approach to the world around therefore everything is based only on the principles of green technology;
  • residential area: the largest of all existing in the city, with an area about 189 hectares. This place of a mass congestion of inhabited constructions, however there is no architecture, habitual for the European inhabitant, here, and all constructions are executed in free art style. Besides, existence of the area provides creation of ideally balanced habitat of the person with the outside world therefore mainly (55%) the area is covered with dense green plantings;
  • international district: the smallest territory of the city on the area, of 74 hectares. Generally it is covered by huge pavilions where the main nations of the planet are presented. The main goal of the area is to show general unity and equality of the nations and nationalities;
  • cultural area: area in 93 hectares where all is concentrated necessary for holding cultural and sporting events and also constructions for practical researches in the field of art;
  • green belt: external border of the city with a radius of 1.25 km which surrounds the city with dense green plantings. The place is intended for creation of unique agricultural landscapes, park zones and highly specialized climatic areas. For today the area of a zone is about 405 hectares.

Whether you know? India is the most peaceful state in the world. According to the existing artifacts, for the last 10 thousand years any fact of invasion of this country on the territory of neighboring countries is not elicited.


The history of emergence of Aurovil originates in 1920. During this period the philosopher, most famous in India, and the admirer of yoga Sri Aurobindo creates the lonely place for meditations and asceticism in the town of Pondicherry.

For 30 years the wise man in detail studies history, philosophy and other sciences of knowledge of the world on the basis of which creates the unique doctrine and the idea of creation of society where the mankind will live in ideal harmony with the nature and all world around. After the death of the philosopher, one of his schoolgirls and tutors Myrrha Alfassa, having like spirit of the doctrine, decides to continue business of the spiritual mentor by all means.

18 years later, in 1968 the woman managed to inform the world of treatises by her spiritual teacher, and with assistance of the international community and the UNESCO organization the unique city of Aurovil which received the name in honor of the deceased mentor Myrrha is created. Together with the pupils the woman went to the alleged territory of the new city where her followers on absolutely desert place began to build new community of the nations of the world. The official inauguration of the city was held on February 28, 1968. About 124 countries from around the world participated in creation of the project including the USSR. But only only 45 years later the area became similar to the real oasis in the desert. People completely changed a desert landscape, having turned it into one of the safest places for human life. Aurovil became the most courageous experiment which is intended to enter mankind into a new era of the development. As of today, about 2 thousand people representing about 35 countries from around the world live in the city.

Whether you know? India is the only country in the world which officially has 6 seasons. Except all the known summer, fall, spring and winter, at Indians it is accepted to allocate a season of a threshold of winter and the period of monsoons.

Bases and philosophy of the city of a dream

Undoubtedly, creation of such large-scale project did not appear without difficult scientific approach. But the main component of existence of this place and its inhabitants is the thin spirituality which sometimes pulls down all existing stereotypes of development of the person in society. Further we will consider in more detail an ideological component of this project and a spiritual spirit of inhabitants of the city.

Ideology of aurovilets

High degree of an ideologichnost is main force which promotes the constant movement to self-development not only the cities, but also its inhabitants. The main concepts of existence of this commune laid at sources, already for many decades not only are supported, but also actively take root to new generation. So, the ideology of aurovilets consists in the following:

  • love for the world around and to everything that fills it;
  • respect for freedom and personal space of everyone;
  • total ban on violence;
  • disclosure of the creative beginning in each person and his leading role in self-development of a modern civilization.

Main objectives and tasks

The set of the ideas and tasks which embodiment will give the chance to mankind to reach absolutely new level of the development was enclosed in this project. Among them It should be noted the following:

  • creation of a sample of the city and its community, as ideal model of the urbanized territory of the near future;
  • granting ideal conditions for joint development of the person and his environment;
  • transition to an education system of children at which each child does not lose the identity;
  • full transition to the use of exclusively self-repairing natural resources;
  • creation of model of management of society without authoritative structures and methods of influence;
  • increase in a role of spiritual proximity of the person and the environment and detection of a special role of art in this process.

Important! Aurovil is a zone of existence without alcohol and nicotine therefore if addictions are inherent in you, at the time of stay in the city it is worth refusing them, otherwise you can become a persona non grata.

Rest in Aurovil

Rest in such place as Aurovil, is one of the most exotic and unique tours. This place attracts the power surprising by environmental friendliness and silence. For this reason, only several decades later after opening, the great number of tourists and curious stretched here. Today city of the future became one of hallmarks of India thanks to which to this country return again and again.

Food, housing, transport

In general, Aurovil represents the full-fledged city for existence as there is everything in order that everyone felt comfortable. With housing of problems here at anybody does not arise. In the territory it is possible to rent absolutely quietly a modest corner for worthy existence. The price of such housing is in limits of 50 US dollars (apart from a payment for utilities). According to the doctrine of the local government, each inhabitant is not forbidden to buy the real estate and even the opportunity of construction of own housing for personal finance is given. Public transport per se in this place does not exist, shuttle buses from the local company ATS move extremely seldom and are designed, generally for tourists. But also here not everything is so simple as the scheme and time of movement of buses in the city need to be specified constantly. Many inhabitants move on own cars, but the majority uses national transport of Indians — the personal scooter or the moped. This means for transportation can be got or rented without special work here.

With food also problems do not exist. It is possible to eat as food of own preparation, and to go to aurovilsky cafe or restaurant. In case local shops do not satisfy in respect of products, behind necessary ingredients it is possible to go to Pondicherry. Local restaurants in Aurovil not much, mainly, in the city cafes with quite good kitchen, each of which has own highlight, are equipped. Therefore, there will be hungry no not only a traveler, but also the local here.

Important! At a travel across India it is necessary to use cream from mosquitoes as this insect is a carrier of many infectious diseases. Otherwise, Dengue fever, chikungunya, hepatitis A, etc. can threaten you.

Main attractions

There are no architectural sights per se here. Generally most of tourists go to Aurovil to look at unique lifestyle of citizens, to plunge into the atmosphere of a pacification and to inhale clean, fresh air in which harmful automobile or industrial pollutants are not inherent. But each tourist surely has to visit the main spiritual construction of aurovilets — Matrimandir. This spherical building is the central construction of the city to which inhabitants come for prayers, meditations and communication with the highest forces.

Beach vacation on the seashore

Near the city there is a coast of Bay of Bengal of the Indian Ocean, however it will disappoint most of tourists as this area is not intended for refined beach vacation. But it is possible to float and spend time on the beach here nevertheless, from tourist magazines it is necessary to forget only about the ideal picture. The situation is that the coast almost annually collapses oceanic waters, and the number of sushi which is absorbed every year by water reaches 12 meters. Therefore the remains of vegetation, trees and other on beaches cut an eye. Besides, you should not forget also about monsoons which create very serious shake-up for vacationers.

Important! During the period from June to September in the territory of India the season of heavy rains prevails therefore it not the best time for carrying out on the coast. For rest on the beach the most optimum period is the dry summer season which lasts since March on the middle of June.

How to get to the unusual city

The first that should be understood for itself before sending to Aurovil — the road will be not from the simplest as through transport connections with it do not exist. At first you need to get to India, for this purpose there is a mass of aviaroutes, but the final stop at the airport of Delhi will be the most optimum.

Further it is necessary to reach the city of Chennay, for this purpose there is both rail service, and an avia, from local airlines. After arrival to Chennay at the local railway station or the airport it is necessary to take a cab to Aurovil as the road will occupy only about 150 km. It is possible to use also a self-locking device, but guarantees that you will reach quickly and safely, such scheme of a route does not give.

How to become the guest

The so-called guest period for all foreigners in Aurovil works up to 6 months. During this period everyone can be without restrictions in the city and to rent here housing, but for this purpose it is necessary to get the special visa at first. Visas to visit to foreigners are issued only in the Indian Embassy therefore before sending to the city it is necessary to visit this public institution, otherwise entrance will be forbidden you.

It is important! To have a rest in Aurovil, each traveler is obliged to pay a tourist contribution which makes about $3.5 a day. For this purpose in the registration center it is necessary to issue the special internal card for payments of aurocard.

How to become the citizen

to become not so simple. At first it is necessary to live about 6 months in the status of the guest. After the expiration it is possible to give a request for obtaining the status newkamer. All newkamer for not less than 3 months (about 1 year is more often) work for the city benefit as volunteers. After successfully spent volunteer period, it is possible to give a request for obtaining the status of the citizen of Aurovil.

For arrived in the status of the volunteer there is a little simplified scheme of obtaining nationality, however not to pass a trial period in the status of a newkamer. Besides, it is important to remember that council of the city can deprive of the right to be called an aurovilets of any who does not observe the basic principles of coexistence in communes.

Aurovil is the great place for tourists who got used to traditional foreign permits long ago. This city-state is created to show to the whole world absolutely new reality which the mankind already very soon can reach. But, before going to this place, each tourist should understand that the vacation with great comfort will not manage to be spent here, however bright impressions are guaranteed to everyone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team