Gore Koshk (Ukraine) (Crimea)

Gore Koshk (Ukraine) (Crimea)

Koshk is one of the most attractive and popular monuments of the Crimea. She received the name from the Tatar population and in translation the pair rock means. A peculiar form of the mountain draws attention of young travelers not only from Ukraine, but also the next countries.

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It is important to note that the mountain is included into the list of historical archeological sites of antique time. It demonstrates to that, as ruins of ancient serf layings remained up to now. Besides, scientists defined that there were settlements of early and late bronze.

The history of these places have very interesting legend related to Greeks who lived here in the 7th century. It is possible swept to show that the mountain the Cat is only a main attraction of Simeiz, but also the mysterious place keeping in itself a huge number of riddles. Today here the remains of household items dated by the second half of the first millennium B.C. remained.

Here the whole complex of landscape, biological rarities is presented. All these factors positively influence promoting of the mountain. Height of the mountain is 255 meters. The top part of the mountain is formed by two rocky ridges stone taluses.

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Besides, mountains is whole a botanical object, on it such representatives of flora accommodated: fluffy oak, pistachio and also zemlyanichnik small-fruited. Concerning the last tree it should be noted that it represents an evergreen tree it is twisting - purple branches. In total scientists note that here more than 350 plant species are distinguished, some of them are included in the Red List of Ukraine.

It should be noted that here the Crimean observatory where and today there take place scientific conferences where scientists from the different countries gather is located. One of the first who mentioned the history of the mountain is Fadeyev who in the book Mysteries of the Mountain Crimea describes that this area is similar to break which attracts and will captivate people of various age categories.

It would be desirable to note that similar objects can be seen on the sea coasts of England, France and Spain, however I am assured that in these mints you cannot see a huge number of finds, hear the story by old residents and rediscover for myself the world. Behind this mountain a lot more surprising particles of the Crimean mountain are. On all Crimea the coast you will not find the similar constructions reminding the mountain the Cat.

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