Hot geysers of Iceland

Hot geysers of Iceland

is the amazing and wonderful country well-known for the picturesque landscapes and unique beauty the nature. Its geographic location causes existence of unusual landscapes - glaciers, rocks, volcanoes and, of course, the well-known geysers for which Iceland is especially well-known.

Certainly, geysers are available not only here. They can be seen in the territory of the Russian Kamchatka and in other places, however Iceland it is possible to call somewhat the ancestor of geysers, the word geyser - the Icelandic root. Literally the verb geysya can be translated from Icelandic how to rush, and today so call sources which throw out numbers of hot water and water vapor with different frequency.

Here in Iceland there is one of the most known similar sources which put the name to all phenomenon in general. It is called Old Geysir, and after it all other geysers in general were called. Existence of geysers is caused by high volcanic activity in the region, and sources throw out water because of underground seismic processes.

In the territory of Iceland the majority of the known geysers is concentrated in the valley Haukadalur where there comes a large number of tourists personally to admire majestic sources. Certainly, each geyser has different scales, and many of them beat not so highly though also true giants some kind of meet – so, height in twenty meters up to which water at the time of emission reaches, is considered normal. In fact, each splash in a geyser is a small earthquake, or small underground explosion. For example, the same Old Geysir usually shoots on forty-sixty meters up.

Specifically in Iceland the geysers began to appear at the end of the XIII century, in view of the large earthquake which fell on this period changed a seismic picture in all region. At the beginning of the 17th century a peculiar record was observed here – when the majority of geysers made water emission at the same time so that the earth literally shivered. Since then the activity of many geysers – and, in particular, Old Geysir – considerably fell, and today they behave rather peacefully.

Each single geyser behaves differently. So, for example, if the same Old Geysir makes emissions of the boiling water of times in several years, then others do it each hour – everything depends on the location of a concrete source. Certainly, tourists are attracted more by those which show emissions with regularity, in a quiet state the geyser is only an ordinary source. But at the time of emission when the mass of the underground boiling water literally shoots at the sky, making an impression, as if on a surface of a reservoir the bomb exploded, the picture changes, leaving unforgettable impressions of what was seen at eyewitnesses. It is possible to observe such phenomena far not everywhere, but Iceland – one of such places where emissions of geysers – the phenomenon quite ordinary.

In total through the whole country is more, than two hundred fifty platforms where geysers, and sources – about seven thousand are located. It is necessary to recognize that this figure very impresses. That valley – Haukadalur – mentioned above differently – the Valley of Geysers – is located only in hundred kilometers from Rekyavik – the capital of Iceland, and here, if desired, can reach any who will appear in these parts. Already on an entrance to the valley from a distance it is possible to notice a dense veil from water vapor which concentrates over sources in the middle of frosty air.

Usually arrival of tourists is tried to be dated for eruption any of more or less large geysers. Show this unforgettable! Water begins to rage – literally, to boil – hissing sounds, the accruing rumble as suddenly the dense water column literally soars up up is heard. In spite of the fact that air in these regions usually cold, water in sources – hot, in other places practically boiled water, and a similar combination of cold ambient temperature and a hot geyser, it is valid, surprising – in particular for those who have chance to observe a similar picture for the first time.

Locals got used to distinguish geysers in a form of a water column long ago. The most widespread – cone-shaped geysers though even geysers meet a column, in the form of a bowl both dome-shaped, and. Certainly, in a combination of various types they look much more beautifully, than than separately.

It is too close strictly forbidden to approach geysers – water in them not just hot, and, in other cases, reaches temperature of two hundred degrees Celsius. In other words, here easily it is possible to get burn from water and from steam. However to admire the phenomenon from a distance nobody prohibits, and the water columns captured on the camera still will please very long you with the majestic look.

Nevertheless, in some sources water simply warm – thanks to it in them it is possible to bathe that is done both locals, and tourists. Near a number of sources and the lakes of Iceland geothermal resorts are equipped, and many people go here well to have a rest in local hotels and boarding houses where to services of the tourist all possible conveniences are presented.

Besides contemplation of geysers this country is capable to offer much the one who prefers quiet, measured rest alone with the nature – horse walks, shows of unusual bird's markets, whales near the coastline and much, many other. Let there is no hot sun, palm trees and sandy beaches where most of compatriots aspires, but there is the fact that it is impossible to see any more anywhere in the world – the same geysers concentrated in a large number in various valleys. Therefore if you look for for yourself options of non-standard rest, Iceland will be very good choice to acquire tickets here and to enjoy all magnificence of a northern country.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team