Hotinsky fortress (Ukraine)

Hotinsky fortress (Ukraine)

– small, however the ancient and interesting Ukrainian city full of historical sights and attracting to itself is annually a lot of tourists. It is located on the right coast of Dniester, in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine. The population of the city does not exceed eleven thousand inhabitants. The city with good infrastructure, one-storey buildings and the asphalted roads. Hotin – the cultural and tourist town on Bukovina. Practically in 27 km there is a city of Kamyanets-Podilsky. The name of the city takes roots on behalf of its founder and also the Slavic word hotin – in translation – desired. And, as history will show us, something true in it is as fortress for the entire period of the existence visited under the patronage of many people and the states.

It is known that during the period from V to the 10th centuries in the territory of future Hotin and the tribe of tiverets whose main settlement had an appearance of the standard mysovy ancient settlement here lived in vicinities. In the XI century the East Slavic tribes built the Hotin lock here.

The first stages of construction of strengthening, replacement of all wooden designs on stone can be connected with the middle of the 13th century and a name of Danila Galitsky. Small, but quite strong strengthenings successfully protected the population from attacks of enemies. The end of the 14th century brought to Hotin new borders. Stefan the Great managed to expand boundaries in the southern direction. New towers were constructed, new deep cellars which allowed to increase the volume of content of gunpowder, food stocks are dug and to hold big garrison of troops. Due to such strengthenings no wearisome sieges were terrible to Hotin's inhabitants any more.

Due to the decline of the Moldavian principality, fortress passed to Turks. The defensive power of constructions considerably amplifies during this period, but infinite Russian-Turkish and Polish-Turkish wars gradually loosen it. The subsequent battles divided Hotin between Turks, Poles and to Cossacks. So was throughout all the 12th century. At the end of the 13th century the Turks managed to take control over the city and to locate in the territory of fortress.

The Turkish authorities got to serious work on expansion of fortress, on creation of the line of external defense and a construction of new towers. At the same time, all main works were carried out under the leadership of the French engineers. In the city there were new buildings of warehouses and barracks, the mosque was built. Shafts became stronger towers and bastions. Outside fortress was protected by a deep stone ditch, and its eskarpirovanny stone and a fighting terrace in addition strengthened. In those days the square of the city was increased six times. After such reconstruction, fortress became known as the strongest point of the Ottoman Empire in the east of Europe. In 1826 the city of Hotin got own coat of arms. On it the citadel from three towers in the gold field and also the silver cross over two sabers representing protection against the enemy was represented.

After the next Russo-Turkish war the power over fortress passes to the Russian Empire. The military status of the city was cancelled. In 2000 the city found the modern look that was promoted by the resolution of the cabinet of Ukraine About Creation in the territory of Hotin Gosudarstvenny of the Historical and Architectural Park, under the name – Hotinsky Fortress.

Hotin and in a movieland is known. Within the walls of fortress repeatedly there took place shooting of a set of movies popular once, such as Black Arrow, Arrows Robin of Goode, The old fortress and a number of others, including also modern. For this reason, some separate details of a citadel and walls can be easily known by those who well are familiar with domestic cinema.

Now Hotinsky fortress is an original monument history. At the same time, the appearance she something reminds the Ukrainian embroidery. At the heart of the building limestone and sandstone were used. From here and vyshivanka – a poocherednost of the laid-out stones of light and dark shades. The unique type of fortress gives a beautiful ornament which really reminds motives of the Ukrainian embroidery.

At an entrance to Hotinsky fortress some time the majestic monument in honor of the famous Ukrainian hetman Pyotr Sagaydachny was built ago. Being the integral component of Hotinsky fortress, it remarkably decorates local places and many visitors seek to imprint this monument on a film.

Today, behind powerful twenty-meter external walls of fortress, to a look of tourists opens remarkable open spaces of Hotin. The entrance wooden bridge conducts through a ditch, resting directly against the Gateway tower of the lock. This bridge - the only way connecting to a citadel. The citadel consists of five towers – Entrance (it – Gateway), Commandant's, Forge, East and Northern.

Walls which connect themselves towers tower on forty meters, and in the middle of a citadel there is a well with water. Thanks to the last, the population of fortress enemy sieges were not terrible, inhabitants always had a water supply. Here buildings of barracks and very beautiful castle church of St. Alexander Nevsky constructed in 1832 were located. Also here the entrance to a vault where day and night outer darkness reigns is located – alas, inside there is neither lighting, nor electricity, and even the daylight does not pass under the arches.

Among other sights of the city it is necessary to mention such original masterpieces of architecture as a chapel and the princely palace. If you have time stock, then it is possible to visit also nearby Zhvanetsky the castle that it is located in three kilometers from Hotin.

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It is possible to stop in the city both in one of hotels, and in the private sector. Locals quite often lease for short-term rent to tourists apartments, rooms and certain houses where it is possible to spend the night with convenience. In Hotin it is possible to spend time with interest and to be gathered new impressions, having touched the rich history of this ancient place.

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