Hoverla (Ukraine)"

Hoverla (Ukraine)"

ancient times of the mountain captivated the beauty, unusual local historians who open from their tops. Today we will talk about one of unique places of Ukraine, about the highest mountain of Ukraine, known as Hoverla. Territorially it covers a part of the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk region, also its possession were stretched on 17 kilometers from border with Romania. To a word it will be told that this mountain is among Seven miracles of Ukraine, it is often called "the snow mountain" which reaches height in 2061 meters above sea level.

Already at first 21 centuries Hoverla as if a magnet attracted to itself travelers. It is not surprising, from its top it is possible to admire remarkable natural landscapes, vicinities and to appreciate the local massif: The Romanian Carpathians, Chornohora, Gorgana, Marmarosh, Svidovets.

The mountain resembles superficially a cone which unites around itself(himself) rockfalls. In winter time we can observe how snow avalanches collapse. In summertime the mountain as if is shrouded in flowers which part is under protection of the Carpathian Reserve.

On the mountain the Ukrainians made the first excursion in the 80th years of the 19th century. Since then such routes to Hoverla are open: from t / Zaroslyak, from Mount Petros, from the natural boundary Kozmeshchik and from Mount Pozhizhevskaya. As a rule, the majority of such ascensions takes place in winter time when tourists derive incredible pleasure from an extreme and small obstacles which can be met on the mountain.

In spite of the fact that on the mountain elevators do not function, it does not prevent tourists to be engaged in active types of sport, including cross-country skiing. There are slopes, both for beginners, and for more professional skiers. Scientists defined to reach to top only several hours in summertime are required. In the winter ascension will be much more difficult and on time will take about 4 hours.

The main advantage of Hoverla considers that its nature did not suffer from human activity, and remained in the pervozdanno a look. Locals treat tourists very favourably therefore they with pleasure will show you interesting routes. The special attention is drawn by so-called Huzul kilometer which will lead you to Hoverla. But except Hoverla, in the Carpathians there are a lot more unique and interesting places, such as: the mountain the Priest Ivan (Black mountain) at which top there is an old observatory with the history the Bratkovsky mountain with svoimy grassy meadows and the Alpine pines, the lake Brebeneskul - which is on the Mount Brebeneskul, and also wild waters of Black Cheremosh for fans of rafting.

It is important to note that even now the famous political figures and public persons participate in various ceremonies and opening of new sculptural compositions directly at top of Hoverla.

If Hoverla is the highest point Ukraine, then Everest in the world

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