Jack London's (Russia) lake

Jack London's (Russia) lake

London's lake was stretched in open spaces of Magadan Nature Reserve. It is the largest lake of the area of the same name with height in 800 meters above sea level. The reservoir is well extended in North and East side on 10 kilometers. Coast look very attractively as are sated with the deciduous wood and a cedar stlanik.

In summertime even sandy beaches are allocated. Water in the lake is supported at the expense of picturesque capes which flow into it. The fact that even in summertime ice floes float here is remarkable and water heats up only to 12 degrees. Ice covers the lake in October up to 190 centimeters thick.

It would be desirable to tell that mountain streams come to the lake: Ice cold, Unknown, Snowstorm. With the help channels Options the lake connects to other reservoir - the Dancing Grayling. In the neighborhood of this natural object it is possible to meet some other, but small lakes: Gray Seagull, Next, Dream, Kudinovsky lakes. They were formed as a result of thawing of ancient glaciers. All this complex of lakes is in the deep hollow where the ridge of Big Anngachag towers. It has the peculiar history connected with the known tops: Aspiration peak, Aborigen Peak, peak Snow, peak Imperious. They form interesting routes which will be to liking to professional climbers. Here it is possible to meet the falls forming a chain of a water stream.

Concerning climate, in this Meta severe motives prevail. For example, in winter time average temperature reaches-33 degrees, and in summertime this indicator stops in 12 degrees. Even there are frosts in the summer, but rains generally drop out.

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If to investigate the name of the lake, then historians select several versions. Some claim that Jack London's lake is called thanks to an ancient find book of Martine Eden. But other scientists incline that geologists called the lake because of the boundless love for works of the writer.

This natural reservoir occupies the huge territory of the rare deciduous woods where the glutton, a bear, red voles, a squirrel, chipmunks, elks, an ermine, a partridge live.

Now the lake is the popular place for active and even extreme rest. It promotes that practically all the time years the severe climate prevails here. Most favorable season August is considered. Near the lake there is a settlement of Yagodnoe and the settlement of Sinegorye

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