Lake Mono"

Lake Mono"

of the most amazing places in California is the lake Mono. Earlier this lake was completely filled with water, but because of constant pumping of water became more small and more small. When water level fell approximately by a quarter, locals saw surprising columns in the middle of the lake. Local authorities understood at once that the lake is of scientific value and in 1978 created committee on its protection.

The name of the lake in language of Indians means "Many flies". Such name received the lake thanks to a huge number of flies who flew in vicinities. There is a lot of these insects on the lake that they form a continuous black film at coast. Because water only shrimps live in the lake extremely high in it. The lake is not suitable for fishes at all.

To the lake Mono nearly one million years. It concerns the most ancient in America. After creation of committee on protection of the lake the water level began to be restored gradually, but in California it happens because of constant droughts very slowly.

Columns which cover all bottom of the lake are nothing else as a limy tufa. It is a special form of a carbonate of calcium which gives to pillars the form similar to cave stalactites and stalagmites. In the lake the Mono columns begin to be formed at the bottom of the lake where sources with fresh water, rich with calcium, mix up with the water from the lake containing sodium and a carbonate of potassium. Fresh water is lighter, than salt water of the lake and, as a result it rises upward, uniting with sodium and potassium that accelerates growth of columns.

Feature of a limy tufa is the porous structure. Fresh water at hit to the lake begins to rise by means of the system of a time up, accelerating growth of columns and creating bizzare shapes, spires and spirals which tourists so admire. The lake not only one of the most ancient, but also the most salt lake in America and one of the most salty in the world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team