Lord-Hau and Balls Pyramids

Lord-Hau and Balls Pyramids

Australia, in waters of the Pacific Ocean two surprising natural sights - volcanic islands - the Lord-Hau and Balls Pyramids hid.

Lord Howe Island has the form of a boomerang and is approximately at kilometer distance from coast of Australia. The population of the island makes about 400 people, as much tourists comes here every year.

Geologists consider that Lord Howe Island was formed about 20 million years ago as a result of merge of two volcanic islands occupying today northern and southern its parts. The center of the island is covered with coral sands and the real desert dunes which reach 45 meters in height. Along the western coast of the island the amazing coral reef lasts. A sight of the island are unique fluorescent corals. Also about 70 plant species which grow on the island cannot be met any more anywhere.

The island was opened on February 17, 1788 by the captain Lidgberd whose ship transported prisoners from Australia to Norfolk. In 1834 to the island there arrived the first settlers, and at the beginning of the 20th century it already began to be popular with tourists.

Near the Lord-Hau it is possible to find one more volcanic island which is called Balls Pyramids. The area of the island extremely small, but it it is visible for several hundreds of miles, Balls Pyramids is the highest on Earth the volcanic rock! Because of features of a relief the jail from far away reminds a sail. Formally this island is a part the Lord-Hau as it was opened by the same person on the same day. But for the first time people landed on the island only in 1882.

In 1982 the Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramids was entered in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

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