Mount Everest"

Mount Everest"

know that Everest is the highest mountain in the world which peak is above clouds. However, as well as any other sight at the mountain has secrets and secrets.

 The highest mountain on the planet Earth towers over eternal snow of the Himalayas on height of 8848 meters. Everest stands on border of Nepal and China though itself vershinagor it is located in the territory of China. The peak of Everest is the most known point of the Main Himalaya ridge.

Everest not always carried such name. In translation from Tibetan Chomolungma means "Divine (jamma) Mother (ma) of Life (lung is wind or vital force)", the mountain was so called in honor of the Bonn goddess Sherab Chzhammy. The Nepalese name of Chomolungma — Sagarmatkh — means "Mother Bogov". The English name "Everest" was distributed in 1856 thanks to Andrew Waugh, the assistant administrator of geodetic service of the British India of sir George Everest. The publication of results of measurements of height of "Peak of XV" according to which the mountain was the highest in the region both probably and around the world became an occasion for this purpose.


The mankind managed to subdue Everest only on May 29, 1953. Participants of the British Himalaya expedition Hillary and Norgay Tensing's Edmund who managed to get on the highest point of Earth became pioneers. Since then rose by Everest repeatedly, but not each expedition was successful — there were victims, there were also retreats. It is connected with oxygen starvation, very low air temperature and the heavy frosty wind which literally is forcing down from legs of already tired and frost-bitten thrill-seekers — to reach top, it is necessary to make several halts, and many, especially people unprepared — even after the first halt refuse to go further. But of course is the annoying — to recede for couple of hundreds of meters to the top.


For a half of century Everest was visited by more than 2500 climbers from around the world. More than 200 people died from a lack of oxygen at ascensions and descents, in avalanches, from frostbites and heart failure. Unfortunately, even the most expensive and modern equipment cannot guarantee full safety. Also the situation was aggravated with impossibility to send emergency helicopters to top of Everest.

Every year on Earth remains less the territories which are not spoiled by the person, and the region of Everest is one of such pleasant exceptions. The route to Everest is one of the most delightful and fascinating not only in Nepal, but also around the world. Feature of this region is that from the Nepalese side Everest is surrounded with two high mountains — Nuptsze (7879 m) and Lkhotsze (8516 m) therefore to see world top rather well, it is necessary to pass rather long distance and to rise by the mountain Kalla Pattar (5545 m) or Gokio Rhee (5483 m) from whose top the magnificent landscape on world top opens.

Everest has the pyramidal form except for the southern slope which is more abrupt. From the massif the glaciers terminating at the height about 5 thousand m extensively flow down. On the southern slope and edges of a pyramid the snow and ice not long do not remain because of what they are naked.


Chomolungma attracts to itself more and more fans of the mountains, climbers and ordinary travelers seeking to pass along magnificent routes of the valley of Solo of Khumbu and Sagarmatha National Park every year.

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