Palanok lock (Mukachevo, Ukraine)

Palanok lock (Mukachevo, Ukraine)

Palanok lock is a surprising lock which is included into the list of the most valuable historical monuments of the 17th century. There is it in the city of Mukachevo, the Transcarpathian region.

In order that to notice it it is not obligatory to approach the building, it is visible from far away. Conditionally the lock is divided into the Top, Average and Lower construction. The first received the name thanks to the unique arrangement glad to mountain top, other locks are inferior to it in the parameters. To protect the lock from military operations, local governors ordered to build walls 3 meters thick. Besides, around it 8 bastions where stored ammunition and artillery tower.

The middle lock is considered the most significant, the kitchen, the knightly hall and the place for placement of barracks was located. Representatives of the royal family therefore it is not surprising sat at the top lock, as today we observe magnificent the apartment, testifying about riches of owners of the lock.

Also here the well which depth was formed 85 meters remained, some scientists believe that it has two secret passages. For 14-15 centuries the lock was in possession of a dynasty Arpadovich, but in 1396 got under influence of the Podolsk prince Fedor Koryatovich. That made a huge contribution to strengthening of the lock: completed new walls, built towers and added all this with premises which communicated with each other difficult rooms what they were called Death corridor for. It remained and up to now, but it is better to come into it only accompanied by guides. On walls and today 164 guns and other weapon are placed.

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In one of the most lavny pages in the history of the lock the government of Ilona Zrini who equipped the building as the residence is considered. In a ligature with it old towers were demolished. Shortly Palanok gets under influence of Hungarians, then Austrians. In wartime he was a treasure for storage in military artillery.

It is important to note that since 1989 Palanok is the historical museum. The body of exhibits is supplemented by objects, are collected from the Top lock. Now for visitors it is presented Bol the 10th expositions occupying the space in 4000 square meters. The special attention occupies the work by local painters for whom about 12 halls are allocated. Ancient icons, a collection a pisanok and also some souvenirs of arts and crafts are of the main value. Recently Palanok visit about 100 thousand tourists a year.

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