Stone wood

Stone wood

stone wood is nedalekoot areas Kunminv Kitaye, and covers the area of 350 square kilometers. Many centuries ago as a result of a severe erosion and washing away sea waters in a seabed formed hundreds of stone columns, gorges and cracks. In the Stone forest it is possible to see a huge number a prichudlivykhbashenok, strongholds and eminences.

The local community calls this wood of Shilin. Shilin is divided into several parts. Except the stone woods of different scales it is possible to find various caves, lakes and falls here. The stone woods are the main attraction of the area Kunming. Every year here the unique festival of torches at which to look is held gathers tens of thousands of tourists. Besides a festival of torches it is possible to contemplate fight, a bullfight, ascension of a pole, a dragon game, dance of a lion and Dance. During the festival of torches Shilin pleases visitors with magnificent weather.

At an entrance to Stone Lesraskinulos the most beautiful lake. Above on east coast it is possible to see a set of fantastic stone turrets, columns and stalactites. Slightly further big formation in the form of the squating lion, a row located a pond with the corresponding name – a lion Pond. Thousands of stone figures create effect of presence at some fantastic movie. In the small stone forest a set of big beautiful meadows, thickets of a bamboo, trees and mountain flowers. Here too there are well-known stone flowers – The towers supporting the Sky and also The singing stones. [br/]

About this place the set of legends which are transferred by the local people from generation to generation is put. The stone Wood with its sculptures engraved by the nature – a true miracle, the unique place on the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team